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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waenji fun, hago fun, hanmal fun, haji ai, ai!


As you can see, I've started liking Justin Bieber. :D He's adorable.
And yes, I like guys with huge pecs specs.

I'm so kind too!
I'll post some of his songs here so you can listen to them and read my blog in comfort. :D
This is gonna be a long post, so sit tight!

Wahseh, he look like he got eyelid surgery here. :X
And hello~ I'm still lonely here.

I can imagine how awkward the mv shooting must have been for them 2.

Okay I think that's enough. ^^;;
I'd better update you guys. Ya'll probably thought I was dead right?
I was in camp on the 4th-7th May...
And I realised that for the whole of April, I had 0 posts. o.o

Let me tell you abit about my camp...
Okay it was terrible.
Hygiene was horrid, they made us do crazy stuff and gave us SO LITTLE FOOD!
And thanks to them, I haven't been catching up with K-pop news! D:
But I guess at the end of the day, it's all good~
Plus I kinda miss camp. Hahahaaaa~

First up, WONDER GIRLS' COMEBACK! Can't wait. <3
My Sunye is so pretty. <3 <3

And something new for the V.I.Ps!

Big Bang's partnership with Hyundai for the The Shouts of Reds (Shouting Korea) campaign.
My TOP got tanned. D:

Something interesting for you guys~
Victoria is SO PRETTY. NEOMU YEPPEO! And cute. :D
She is so flexible!
I also can't help but notice that Amber is wearing...a guy's uniform..

Speaking of f(x), NU ABO! :D

In pure HD so you can see my pretty Sulli's face.

Did anyone notice I changed my blogskin....? .__.

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