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You and I

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yesterday's NHT was sooooooo tiring I was tempted to swear and curse all over again. They expected us to run around Singapore whilst wearing tucked in PE shirts? NO. I will NOT run around Singapore looking like a nerd. But alas, what choice was there? As we finished our trail and me and Glenda were chatting in the mrt, I could just feel my right heel burning =.= So terrible. And we still had to pick up rubbish at Changi Beach, which God responded with a thunderstorm. He's probably saying something like,"How DARE you make our xiu-jie pick up rubbish!?" XD Just kidding la, don't take it to heart aye?

HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!! Get ready to plaaaaaay XDD BUT. My mom banned me from the computer on Wed, Thurs, and Fridays, saying I need to complete my tuition homework first before playing =.= W.T.F. And why in the world would the teachers give homework for next year?? Something tells me December holidays will never be the same again....

So anyway, school aside, it looks like Park Bom can really touch hearts by going solo. Sad MVs are so....sad. Right? I cried again T_____T The last MV I cried over was Haru Haru.. Sigh.

Bom's so pretty here ^.^ (She's ALWAYS pretty btw.) And the guy's so cute XD Just in case you guys don't get the story, it's about them getting married, but after that the guy fell sick. He was going to commit suicide but then he thought about her and decided to live, which is why only the wheelchair fell down the stairs. And since he was sick, she took care for him. And at the end, the letter said,"I'm sorry I couldn't take care of you." So he died..... AHHHHHHHHHH. SO SWEET!!! *tear* Here I go again....

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Okay random post. I'm at Glenda's house now with Minyi XD We're waiting for Esther to finish GB, then we meet up with Deb and Esther at School gate and we'll go to Chinatown point together <3

Deborah better not pangseh us. OH Deborah, if ur reading this, I want to tell you something..... IF you guys are going to the Iluma arcade, THEN I will go. If not, forget it. I'm not gonna waste my time waking up at 8.30am doing shit when the arcade isn't even open yet.

Bbyong~! ^.^
Oh! My friend <3

Monday, October 26, 2009

Well, as I stated earlier, I would be putting song titles as my post headings and 'Oh My Friend' is a song name (: Since it's in my playlist, I won't embbed the video here yea?

Gosh today was pretty boring.... The more I stayed in school, the more I felt like I should've pontang. Somore there were so many absentees! So fake! And our recess was like super long... Only to find out that Mr. Lim wasn't coming anymore and there was no relief teacher -.- Except for the last period (today school ended at 12.15) where some Mrs Something came into class. Ahhhh so glad to be back home ^.^ AISH!! Today I forgot to sign like, ALL my forms....!!! Lucky thing Ms Lily didn't say much about it... Bless her ^.^

So anyway, you must be wondering what's up with the post title and Taeyeon's picture? It's not just that I like her and was feeling random, but it's cos I was so touched by her HUGE anonymous gift which she revealed on October 21 broadcast of her MBC radio program, Taeyeon's Chin Chin Radio. The present came tagged with a label which read, "Allow 2-3 days to dry after washing." Check out the petite little singer try to pry open the oversized stuffed bear from it's packaging:

That's not all - she seated him next to her for the duration of the broadcast, affectionately leaning upon him as an armrest. That is one cute kid leader and one LUCKY bear! XDD Many celebrities had pictures taken with this kind of bear, so it must be pretty expensive, no doubt... Heehee ^.^ So cute when Taeyeon unni tries to carry that huge bear with such difficulty XD

And that lucky bear..... GETS TO POSE WITH THE SHINEE BOYS *darn you, bear =.=*

So.... One last question. Do you envy Taeyeon or the bear more? (:

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Into the New World: Rev. 3 (End.)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to the last segment of my SNSD members ranking! Today, we'll end off with the last 3 members, then the overall results, and a surprise at the end! Are you excited?? I am! (Not really.)

First of all, I have to start with my reality updates... Actually I have nothing much to update on .__. Except that the library is very cold and F*CK RED CROSS AND IT'S HOLIDAY TRAININGS. I so want to kill the person who ever started Red Cross.

OH. Big Bang got endorsed with 2 new fashion brands :D Cool. So anyway, back to the rankings... Where were we?

Memeber #7: Choi SooYoung

She's not that pretty... Just because she stands at 169cm and is the tallest of the SNSD girls, doesn't make her any prettier... Nor nicer. I hated her the first time I saw her bitchy attitude towards HyungDon on WGM. However, she had her hair cut recently, and I think she doesn't look too bad with a shaggy bob:

Member #8: Sunny (Real name: Lee Sun-Kyu)

Sunny my ass *pukes*. I'll give this girl a whack on her head for not being nice to HyungDon. So what if she's the niece of SM Entertainment's founder? She's a butt-kissing, mean little rookie singer - she only trained for a few months! Other artistes trained for YEARS to get where they are, and it's not like her voice is perfect or anything. Also...SPOILED NIECE, SUNNY IS SUNYE'S NICKNAME DAMMIT!

Member #9: Kim HyoYeon

Donkey-faced member. Don't get the wrong idea - I don't judge people from their looks. BUT, if she were actually nice, then it would have soooooooo made up for her looks. Fact is, she's not.

YAAAAAY WE'RE DONE RANKING ALL 9 SNSD SWEETIES (Some are not)!!! Here's a recap:

Best member: Kim Taeyeon (Leader)
2nd member: Tiffany Hwang
3rd member: Im YoonA
4th memebr: Kwon Yuri
5th member: Seohyun
6th member: Jessica Jung
7th member: Choi Sooyoung
8th member: Sunny Lee
Worst member: Kim Hyoyeon

And remember I promised you a surprise? Here it is!

Into the New World by SNSD (Girls' Generation)

It's a pretty old song.... From 2007, it's SNSD's first single. That would explain they're different looks. Tiffany's so cool here! She's a motorcycle repair woman! :> And Jessica and Sunny look cool too.... They're the graffiti girls XD AND... TAEYEON'S SUCH A CUTE PILOT!! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Okay, I'll end here! Bbyong! (:

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Into the New World: Rev. 2

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Before I continue with my SNSD member ranking, I'd like to start with some ALMOST good news. Almost.

The good news is..... I got 10th position in class despite my suckish results XP What makes it not perfect good news is that I deproved 6 places.... I used to be 4th.... Aw shucks. Anyway, back to the ranking.

Member #4: Kwon YuRi

Don't you think she looks a little like Yoona? I think so! Sometimes, I even get them mixed up... Ah wells. I don't know much about Yuri, but looks alone speaks for itself. She's quite nice too, and always smiling.... QUITE nice....

Member #5: SeoHyun (Real name: Seo Joo-Hyun)

SNSD's maknae with a cute voice. What else is there to say?

Member #6: Jessica Jung

Jessica is one of the prettiest members, but her personality is not quite as pretty. Judging from her reality appearances in shows and fancams, I can safely predict she is a true bimbo. You know how bimbos are - pretty, dumb and think highly of themselves. However, seeing that she is at least pretty, I'm gonna give in to her. Oh, and she recently cut her hair too.

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Into the New World: Rev. 1

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Okay, I figured. From now on, I'm going to use song names to represent my blog post titles - Cool, huh XD

Alright... I know I made a ranting post earlier today, but it's okay. I just woke up from sleep so my head was a little cocked up and fuzzy. But now let's talk about something happier because there's nothing we can do about our results.

I'm going to talk about my favourite SNSD members here and in my next 2 posts (: In order from most favourite to....least favourite. Wheeeee!!

Member #1: Kim Taeyeon

Who ever said you had to be tall to be pretty? Shortest of her group, Taeyeon does not only have the most powerful voice (which is why she is the leader), but she is also, in my opinion, the cutest and prettiest member of SNSD. Also, after watching a few episodes of her 'marriage' with HyungDon on WGM, I found out that she's actually the sweetest too. While the other girls were all screaming at HyungDon's ugly picture and being mean to him, Taeyeon actually stood up for him and even chose to 'marry' him. What a sweetie <3 (: On a side note, she is the only SNSD girl that I can confirm did NOT have plastic surgery.

Member #2: Tiffany Hwang (Real name: Stephanie Hwang; Korean name: Hwang Mi-yeong)

Was torn between Tiffany and Taeyeon for first place..... Tiff's quite tall, very pretty, and has a voice like Mariah Carey. Besides not being as nice as Taeyeon, what's there not to like? I even got my hair cut to look like her's XD However, Tiffany is one member that I cannot confirm did NOT have plastic surgery.... Check out that nose. It looks too perfect.

Member #3: Im Yoona (Stylized as YoonA)

The third on my list of favourite SNSD memebers, she gets one point more than my 4th favourite because she was pitted against SeungRi in Manwon Happiness. I'll give spot #3 to her because even though she won, she was kind enough to think that SeungRi actually WORKED to try to win while she didn't. That aside, she has the typical look of a Korean beauty. (: This goes to her.

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English - 30/50 (B3)
Maths - 70/120 (B3)
Science - 50/100(D7!!!!)
Chinese - 46/70 (C5)

NOT a single A.... wtf? Check out the results from the previous exam.

English - A1
Maths - A2
Science - B3
Chinese - C5

And I studied harder too... Gosh T__T

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Today was a pretty funny day.... Got to throw a sock into Deborah's mouth XD HA.

We were dismissed at 11, which after that I had planned to have lunch with Huimin. Then Deborah tagged along. And as we were waiting at the bus-stop, just like a God-sent gift from heaven, Esther appeared out of nowhere. ilu your my saviour (: I was kinda lazy to have lunch with them anyway, and besides I had to meet my nieces.

So I accompanied Esther to Commonwealth mrt where I had to cross over to my nieces' block. And I bid goodbye to her :> I dunno why, but I thought very much about our friendship as I made my way to my nieces' house. I thought about how much she has done for me as a friend, and how I never did anything much for her. Sure, there were ups and downs, like times when she refused to give me answers ^^; But she still stood by me, no matter which new friends I made. Be it Grace, Minyi or even Huimin. Esther still followed me whenever she could. And what did I do for her?

Almost nothing. Yeah. That's how bad I am. God, please help me to be a better friend, okay?

Yea yea, enough about that. So then I reached my nieces' house. Guess what? The first thing that happened when I knocked on the door, the stupid Sam started barking. Sam is the mongrel, smelly noisy dog that my cousin keeps! My niece had to yell at him to get it to settle down =.= Sheesh. And he stinked too. Turns out he doesn't like water. Hmmm. Cat or dog? Hahas. And so kind of their maid to make me a sandwich. But once I got in the house, I quickly rushed to the toilet to let down my fringe. And another thing, I found out that my nieces know SNSD too! YAY <3 They noticed I cut my hair and wanted to see me with my hair down. Then told me I look like an ugly version of Jessica when I don't smile, and an ugly version of Tiffany when I smile. WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE AN INSULT!? D< After that, I ate my sandwich and waited for aunty and uncle to come pick us up - we were going swimming! :>

After a few minutes of watching tv, it was time to go down. We met aunty and uncle downstairs, and our mystery Pool of the Day was the cool swimming area of Safra Club!! If I'm correct, it's near Dempsey road...? Yea, we stayed at the kiddie area the whole time, cos it was pretty cool. I didn't want to go into the deep training pool ^^; In the kiddy area, they had a pretty huge bucket that would overflow and pour everything down every few minutes. Totally fun! I'd want to go there again XD

Then after drying ourselves, and a late lunch, it was time to go home. Awwwww :( WELL, I had a really fun day, thanks to my nieces and uncle and aunty XD

Tomorrow we're gonna get back our results.... Aw man.... :( Ah wells. They're showing some cool documentary on spirits in Mount Fuji on okto - I'm gonna go. :D

Sorry for the long post <3
I know....

Friday, October 16, 2009

I know 4 of you Singaporeans are viewing my blog right now... Probably some classmates..... And one friend from USA D: Hi! Sorry I removed my c-box (:

6 ppl viewing tonight ^____^ Highest number since! *claps*
2nd post of the day wheeee!

I wanted to post cos....


And with every video, comes a comment report :D And I'm gonna do mine here.

First things first - G-D LOOKS SO COOL IN THAT OUTFIT AHHHH!! My JiYongie finally gone out to work? I'm so proud 9___9 *faint* And then.... Whats up with T.O.P's new hairdo? It sucks. Do you want me to cut it for you? I WANT TO SNIP IT OFF! It looks terribly like a silky mop. At least it's still soft -.-

SeungRi, just like G-D, looks super cool in that suit XD He seems so mature, now that he's turned 20. And MY GAD, TAEYANG'S MOVES. *double faint* But..... Where's DaeSung? D: Did he run away because I asked him to wipe his lipstick off in the 'Lollipop' video? I'm sorry DaeSungie T___T Come back! (I'm just kidding. During that time when they were performing, DaeSung was in hospital cos he got into a car accident. He's perfectly fine now, thank God.)

Near the end, I had to repeat SeungRi's dancing part a few times to realise that HIS MOVES ARE PRETTY COOL TOO. Keep it up, Ri :>

On 2NE1:
CL, YOUR MOVES SUCK. No offence (: I couldn't wait for Minzy to dance! And then... she did! It was sooooooo awesome, I think she dances even better than TaeYang >.< Gambette Minzy d(^-^)b

Peace and Nighty night <3

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Ohayo Gozaimas!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hai everyone! (Currently no one reading my blog -.-) AND I found out why there are so many people reading my blog nowadays(Since most of the time, there's only 1 person reading.. which is me)! It's cos, when I Googled "girls' generation gee buffalaxed", my blog is on the 2nd page of the results :D HA. Cool.

So anyway. Today's marking day right? I'm sure a lot of people are going out with their friends today. I wanted to too, with G and Esther and Deb... But kena, G actually smsed me last night telling me she was sick, but I only read it this morning. And we didn't want to go out without her, so we postponed the outing... :( Sad. Was looking forward to it since the four of us haven't gone out together in awhile T___T

Gambatte for Mafia Wars if you play! And if you haven't added me yet, you should!

Peace & love.

I know I just posted like, a few minutes ago, but I'm bored.... XD

I added this cute widget on my blog. The funny thing under the welcome section. There are 4 people reading my blog now.... Wonder who?
I've loved you for never, 'for never' is over.

Heya guise. Removed my c-box and changed the skin (you should know.)

How's life? :> Good right! Exams ended today <3 I hope yours did too. And when the results come out, don't let it put you down. Cos if you know you tried, then you've tried (:

I went out with Graciee n the rest today. You know. The 2008 clique :> We went to Ikea for meatballs, which was our lunch. And oh coincedence, CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS (: I had a pasta too. Ikea has the best food >.< Dee-lish!

Auntie Minyi was so funny today! XD It was... "You know you know, BOOMZ!" Hahaas...

I just got back and I haven't showered. At least I changed, but I still have my fringe pinned back :P Hahas, eww. Gosh I'm hungry.... Waiting for mummy to come back so can have dinner T____T Gonna play Sims3 now.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Due to my current obsession over Girls' Generation(SNSD), I decided to change my blog skin and playlist XD [THE BIG BANG AND 2NE1 SONGS ARE STILL THERE, NO WORRIES.]

Anyway, back on reality.

Today's the maths paper 2, and I'm so heartbroken T_____________T I LOST LIKE, 18 MARKS COS I COULDN'T FINISH THE PAPER. AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Nooooooooooooooooo ;___; There goes my A1 for maths .__.

WELL. Look on the bright side (: At least tomorrow's the last day of EoYs~~ Of course, the results have yet to come =___________= AND, I haven't studied for tomorrow's Home Ec exam Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. There goes the 'bright side'....

I'll leave you with a stupid yet funny video to watch, just to brighten up your day if you're feeling stressed, or watever. (:

And the original video... XD 'Gee' by Girls' Generation.

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