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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm bored so I decided to update my dead blog.

Since I've given up on Crazy Planets and Pixel Ranger, Mafia Wars is my only alternative. But I need more family members T____T Oh Ahh shucks.... Tomorrow got geography.... It's so boring.

And I know I'm just being random, but.... XD

T.O.P!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Current Mood: CRAZY!
Whut. Is. Up.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hai everyone.. It's 1am now. Right on the bed in my niece's house, and I'm sneaking on the com...

In other words, it's damn early.

Heh.. So anyway, I'm staying at my nieces' for the weekend. Today we just slacked the whole day. Couldn't even swim cos of uh.. something. Got homework somore haven't do T.T Which means monday must chiong....

And I haven't even caught up with KHR yet.... Aw man......

Currently very hot.. TAT *fanfan* and bored..... Wish I could play out in the open.

Friday, August 7, 2009

WAKEKOKEKOEKEOKEOKEOKEKOOO!!!! Forgive me, I'm on a sugar high right now. 8D Cos,

1. I'm waiting for someone to come on.
2. That someone won't even talk to me.
3. I'm getting impatient.

Is what gets me high \o/

School ended early today, which was kinda good and bad. Firstly, ending school so early means we have more time to slack after school. On the other hand, it means that we have alot of time to waste... TOO much time to waste..... -___-

We spent like, 4-5 hours at Chinatown Point, ever since 11am. Pan was out till 12. Chilled at Subway for a whole half hour. Pan girl comes. Take measurement. Pay. Buy Tsuna figure [XDDDD]. Go to OG. Coke say byebye. We go back Chinatown P and sit on steps. Old man come scold us. Quietly scoot to other corner. Slack. Go home.

Reaaaaally boring...... But I got a new Tsuna figure leh!!!!! =^_______________________^= SO HAPPY!!! TAT

Current Mood: HAPPY!!! And a little irritated.... >_>;;

But life's just getting a whole lot better. Cheer up.

Aren't we all standing on the same stage? ...And hey, saying that just kinda lifts our courage, eh?

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