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Hey, What the Hell?

Sunday, May 24, 2009


I was in the library... And this weirdo girl kind of tugged on my ponytail after I walked past her.. So I turned around and her guy friend was like pointing to her and he was like, "Xiao za bo" And I was like,"Okay..."

You know, I wanted to smack her face really badly. Where's Tsuna-san when I need him? ;-;

Current Mood: Irritated.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Today officially marks the downfall of my reputation in cathecism.... I was embarrassed out of my guts >.<

Yay I finally got the song ^^ Oh And did you know KHR already have an ending 10 and 11? o.0 I didn't.

Haru-chan is a nice name. Don't you agree? 8DD Sorry, I don't know what to talk about today... I had 6 Youtube tabs just now XD Lag! All of them were Code GXHitman Re! parodies :) They were all nice!! But Kyoko... Urgh nvm.

Oh yea. My fringe is growing longer. Any more and it'll cover my eyes -.- Boo. June hols got RC Camp T.T I dun wna go!! Somemore the campfire theme is 'Slumber Party' and they expect us to wear our PJs or home clothes in front of everyone!!?! That's really dumb! >.<>

I'll go check for updates now, cos I have no idea what else to write about... Sheesh. o.o

Current Mood: Bored!! Haru-chan is BORED!!! T-T
What the Hell did I do?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

SUPER UBER OOC: For some reason my mom just rainbow alr lor... what the hell? I didn't even do anything to her. Only let her sign the meet-the-parents then she angry ah? Siao... She suddenly rainbow and I'm like "what the hell?"

Cos cannot say out loud so must say in my head. Then she just like "I'm sick and tired of [what..] kissing you every night alr." Then she throw her thing and I'm like diao [o.o] wth did I do? Sorry I rly cannot stand it when ppl get angry at me for GAWD KNOWS WHAT REASON....

So yea. There's more but I don feel like typing nymore. My mother scary I dun dare go Quizilla alr better log off.....

Tats :P

Current Mood: Angry, mad, confused, outraged and out-of-character.
What's the use of trying? All you get is pain.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hahiiiii.... Sorry everyone, I'm very tired today, and I haven't updated in awhile.... [Haru-chan has so little links anyways -.-;]

And anyway, I think I have a lot to update on. But I can't recite all -.-

First of all, ShaunaxWilliam is. sooooooooo OVER. Yea. Face it. XP Could anyone ever guess it? DebxJonathan is the new class Otp homg who could've ever imagined..? Btw -- Jonathan smacked the volleyball and it hit Deb's chest today [whoaaa haahaaa sucker..]

I'm sorry, am I using too many bad words today!!? >.<

Oh. Visit Rubert's blog, okay?
http://www.rubertlow.blogspot.com/; His playlist is killer.

And did I mention my grandmother *cough*died*cough* like, two days ago... Cry with me, onegai shimasu. T3T

And where's the new chapter..? I want to see dear Tsuna-san kick Byakuran's evil @rse!! >333 No one'll stop Tsuna-san~!!

...Tsuna-san'll never love Haru-chan, I just know it... So what's the use of trying?

Current Mood: OOC (out-of-character) I'm really sorry, Haru-chan'll get back in character soon!!! Please bear with me for awhile!!

"I'm not gonna write you a love song, 'cos you asked for it, 'cos you need one."
Haru-chan must Persevere!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

HAHIIIII~! Haru-chan is so tired today! And she just finished tuition too :3 I wonder what Tsuna-san is doing...?

Ore! Haru-chan hasn't done her homework!! OO: But it's okay, it's not due tomorrow, thank goodness... Yes, it has been a tiring week, but Haru-chan must stay strong for another tiring week ahead (it's Sunday..)! It's Wheel week starting tomorrow and one good thing is that I get to walk into the school gate at 7.30am without getting booked. Hoorah! d(^3^)b

Demo, for every good news, there's a bad news! >3 AYEEEE!! No updates this week because Weekly Shonen Jump isn't coming out in Japan this week! T.T But it's okay, cos it gives Haru-chan some time to catch up on the chapters that she skipped, or have only read in chinese D: I will be seeing Tsuna-san soon. Please wait for Haruuuuu, desu~!!

Current Mood: Scared because she hasn't done her homework, but still happy!! 8D
Yay! Kinokuniya!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Today was DAMN fun, man! My and my friends(debari, lulu-kun and shana-chan) went to Taka 8D To buy manga!

YAAAY I got KHR bk 11 in ENGLISH! Woohooo!!! The ring battles have started~!! And because of money shortage, I could only buy 2 mangas. KHR in english and KHR 24 in japanese :) It's the latest, I tell ya!

Then we went to the basement to grab some grub.. because I was greedy. I got two wife biscuits, two green-tea mochis ( >:9 ) and a churro (awman i haven't had this in years!). Taka was so big, we got lost in the departmental store. Cos I wanted to go to the childrens' section XDD And lulu-kun nudged debari's boobs! THREE TIMES!! I only saw once It was very funny... AHAHAS!! Then debari had to leave for tuition. So we sent her off. (and lulu-kun TRIED in many failed attmpts to take pictures of debari's chest >D )

Then I made my boring journey home... *andnowharu-chan'sstomachhurtsbecausesheatetoomuch* (: Ja-nee!

Current Mood: Hap-hap-happy~!!

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