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Jajonsim jit balba nohgo

Thursday, December 31, 2009

I cried alot because of you, I laughed alot because of you, I believed in love because of you.

Happy New Years, people! :D
I got shitty teachers next year, but who cares!
I'll be seeing baby for the first time in Feb.
And my other baby, of course.


What's the name of this club?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I can't remember but it's alright a-alright.


First of all, Just Dance being a Lady Gaga song and SHINee performing it...
The thought of that already sounds so freaking funny.
Then I saw Taetae in a dress and I was like: "WAAHAAHAAHAAAA!!!!"
(Please, their sunglasses are killing me XD)
Dubu & Bling's voice = ♥
Plus the Engrish. xD

Ohmygosh. Keygun's hair is totally brown. I fucking miss his black hair :( It was the same colour as mine!

And hell yea Key, you better bet I'm gonna spin that record. :D
I am sooooo downloading this and HAHA-ing all night!

Awesooooome! I fucking love the 2009 hits!
And when it came to 'Tell Me Your Wish', poor Nicole was the only girl at the front besides Yuri.
And Yuri, being in SNSD, did the leg dance perfectly, while Nicole's was abit awkward.
SEUNGYEON DID 'AGAIN & AGAIN'! Jiyoung looks like Victoria now...

Beastly idols indeed. Look at that cartwheel!
Yay for shirt rips ♥ JUNSU! DO IT RIGHT! :D
Congrats on 2PM's Song of the Year award~ :)

Ling ding dong, ling ding dong, ling diggi ding diggi dingdingding.
Key! What kind of mother, neh give your son your mic! :X
K Daddy sides with the son.

Ohya. Yesterday I had a very funny conversation with Esther.
See what funny/ridiculous things she say:



This is mad funny. -.-
Esther, you funny child~

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SBS Gayo Daejun (edited)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Neon gakkeumssik geureon gojung emijireul talpi italhaebwa gwaenchanda.

Enjoy the video spams :)
I think I wanna download the whole show right now.


Key the Umma, dragging baby Taetae here and there. XD
And I think Gayo Daejun went BOOMZXC when Bling opened his mouth.

One of the best covers of Ring Ding Dong ever.
Such a good song from my babies surely deserves a cover like this and even better? :)

Hara was the bomb here. I mean, come on, she was doing Keyguns' part perfectly!
I give her my seal of approval to be the female Key. :D
And issit just me, or does Victoria's hairstyle remind you of CL....?

Of course, not forgetting the original Ring Ding Dong.
Shizz the fizzle remixes make me spazz more. <3
Plus, the rock-themed bg music at the first half of the perf suited Bling really well.
(And his 'I call you butterfly' was super sexy here.)

Keyguns' hair was the best thing I've seen all day. :)
ILU no matter what crazy colours you put on your hair! XD
(I thought for once there wouldn't be any back-up dancers until I saw them coming out at 0:40 -.-;;)

SNSD is saying Sorry Sorry again. Though, not the full team.
5 of them + Krystal and Amber made this the only Sorry Sorry cover I'd never forget.
Partly because I mistook Amber for a real guy at first.

Of course, how could we forget 2NE1's baddest female leader.
Who else could ever represent Heartbreaker female style?

Not forgetting the rest of the lovely 2NE1 girls in equally lovely uniforms. :)
Bommie really is 2NE1's resident sexy lady.

My After School girls~!
Jooyeon, once again, looks like a life-sized doll. <33
And my dear Gahee unnie, please let your hair down once in a while! You look beautiful with your hair down!
As always, honey thighs UEE's expression never changes.
(Pssst! @2:05, Dubu lip-syncs along! LOL! Dubu <3)

HAHA! A rather weird but cute performance by the ever adorable KARA.
Such an interesting concept. LOL!

Never missing my newly loved T-ara girls with a Bo Peep Bo Peep remix!
Hyomin and Soyeon(I FOUND HER NAME! XD) look great as always. :)
Wait... Soyeon's the girl with the side-ponytail right? RIGHT??

Bling. And his super smooth, super slick voice. :)
Dazzling~ He ain't Bling 'fer nuthin'~

For all the f(x) fans. I'm not a very big fan myself, but what's there to lose? :)
I am loving my Sulli. And my Amber, whom I am starting to have a girl crush on.
Shindong's so cute!!! Hahaha~ :D
And Keyguns ah, I know you love 'Chu~', but don't make me jealous. -.-

A lil' YG looooove~ I miss my Big Bang. <33 I'm currently waiting for the A.MI.GO perf and SNSD's Tell Me Your Wish perf to come up :<


Bommie & Taeyang's perf! I LOL-ed at 1:09 Bom ignored Taeyang's hand. XD
And IU will be sad when she watches this :(
In the end, they were so awkward that they didn't manage to hold hands like they did at the dress rehearsal.
Must've been really weird for them. :/

This was rather sexy. XD Keyguns is the sexiest k.
Shindong is the cutest!! HAHA! Even funnier than the Heartbeat MV!
Jjang~! :DDD

"Heesica" LMFAO. Is that supposed to be the pairing name? -.-;;

Cutest Gee perf ever!!

Sowoneul malhaebwa~ It's up!

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Why do I have to face the pain alone?

Monday, December 28, 2009

The world without you has chewed out my heart.

yoona chocolatelove Pictures, Images and Photos
IM YOONA! I hope you get fined for being too pretty!

Ohmygosh. I'm hooked onto Yoona's 'You're My Destiny'!
And to think I hated Korean dramas.

Here is YoonA's punishment:
Yoona SNSD Pictures, Images and Photos

It's supposed to be unglam. -.-;;
Why do I have a feeling she still looks pretty?

So anyway, I only managed to sleep at 8am yesterday. (2am, 29 Dec now)
I went to bed at 5am, then came back out to play at 7am. LOL.
I couldn't sleep x.x
So as the sun was rising at 6am+, I went to the storeroom to brush up on my photography skills.

JIAAAANG~! The view from my storeroom! :D Beautiful hor.

These are my Taetae socks I bought the other day. :D
Haven't wash yet. :X

I camwhored a little since I was in front of the mirror. :X
This was at 7am okay.

I'm so unphotogenic that it took me forever to get a decent shot. -.-;;
I'm better off being a comedian la.

My baby! I took this just now. :D

I took this just now too.
My second baby! I love it, but not to bits. :)


I read a rather interesting article just now. XD
I shall copy it here.


SNSD's cutie pie leader Taeyeon recently received a present and a new nickname during her MBC ChinChin radio show.

Prior to going on air, she was seen playing with the present. It was actually a messed up toy that screams "OOPS!" when you push at its booty with a ballpoint pen. By the looks of those pictures up there, it seems as though Taeyeon had her fair share of fun with the toy, despite how disturbing that toy might be, and this whole experience has earned her the title ByunTaeYeon. For those not in the know, byuntae means pervert in Korean.

Netizens have commented, "Where could you ever find such a cute byuntae?" Only in SNSD!

And did I mention my babies are super cute?
Okok Dubu: "I feel like I've become a chicken" LOL! SUPER CUTE!
Who said you weren't a chicken? :D *shot*

I'd rather SHINee be my presents than be my Santa. :X
But that's alot of concepts for one CF.... LOL.

I especially love Baby's pink hanbok. :D
Pink.... When has he ever stopped wearing that colour. -_____-;;
So if he's the Umma, do I have to be the Appa?

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The way i are

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby if you strip, you can get a tip 'cos I like you just the way you are.

Haaaaiii Baby with the colourful hair~! :D
My Christmas tree baby ♥

Good morning people. 7am and I have yet to fall asleep.
*yawns* -.- Gonna try to hit the sack again.


I want you back

Don’t get mad, smile, calm down now.

Found this. o.O I made it thinking I'd need it, but I don't.
So I'm using it now. :D

I was watching G7's KBS perf at the KBS entertainment awards.
Not bad leh. HyunA look abit like Sunye. :3
I like~

And then Kim Tae Woo came on, and I was like: "OMG! He looks like my father, really!"
Secretly, I hope Kim Tae Woo is really my father. XD
I wait long long la.

For all you curious people. :D
Kim Shin Young has to be the best comedian ever! LMFAO @ her 'facial hair'!

This is LG's promotional video for China, starring our f(x) girls and new Chinese boy group, M.I.C.
Much like 2NE1, these boys will be making their debut through this CF for LG's Lollipop in China.

The CF to be released in China follows the same exact concept as YG family's Lollipop MV, overdosing on bright colors and eccentric wardrobe choices, only with a different song.
I'm personally a little YG biased unless it comes to SHINee, so I'm probably going to admit that I like YG's Lollipop better. :D
However, I'm not going to say anything until the full MV comes out.
So for now, indulge yourself in the 'Making-of' video, and wait 'till very end to catch a glimpse of the actual CF as well.


LMFAO at Sulli's hair! XD
Maybe she's trying to portray G-Dragon. :P
And I think I'm starting to have a girl crush on Amber, which is totally wrong.
But who can help it when she actually looks like a boy!?
Pretty soon, I might be fighting over her with Bling and Keyguns. T.T

Victoria looks like CL. Too much like CL.
And Luna looks super pretty! So pretty!

I'm also starting to like the red Lollipop phone.

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I like you so much

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Because of me, because of me, because of me, you changed.

Video spam today k!

LOL. Key, you fanboy. Don't get so into it. -.-
Somore the position like Ga-In's one in Abracadabra.

Bling! Why 0:17 like zombie liddat! HAHA.

Cutest MCs I've ever seen. Should have put Hara in there too.
*Wants to see MinHara action* .__.

I was watching MBLAQ's Idol Army(sorry SHINee :/) just now. But I saw babies' perf yesterday on Music Core, super damn handsome leh!

And so just when I'm starting to like MBLAQ, SHINee hits it back hard. D: It's fated kay.


Ohya. Today, I got my SHINee Y.O.U album~
Courtesy of Deborah. 8D Tyvm.
I might have died a little inside when I first set my hands on it.
SHINee is killing me.

I also got Taemin socks and a 2PM mouse pad from Comics Connection. :D
Don't lose your temper so-so-so-so quickly

Friday, December 25, 2009

From the very morning I keep complaining.
Asking if you're with someone else, distrustful me.

These girls are mine! :D Especially Jooyeon.
No stealing nono. >:(

Soyoung is very pretty too. She reminds me a little of Koo Hyesun in Boys Over Flowers 8D
Too bad she left.

I've been going crazy over T-ara lately too. o__o
You know what, forget it if I ever said Bo Peep sucked. It's on replay right now and you can't say shit about it. :D
Though, one thing's for sure.
They're never overtaking SNSD in my list of favourite girl groups.

hyomin t-ara Pictures, Images and Photos
Hyomin is my current favourite member.
Only because I forgot the name of my supposedly favourite member .__.;;

If you know the name of the girl who often appears in Bo Peep perfs with the side-ponytail, please send me a message on msn! Lol!


SM Town has taken over once again, and this time it's on Music Bank. SNSD, SHINee and f(x) came together for the Idols Golden Age (Idols Generation) special stage.
Is Bling putting his arm around Amber...? *cough* >.>
And ey, SunKey quite cute leh! :D

They better enjoy while they're still young!
Minipu is still wishing for DBSK to be there....

And congrats to So Nyuh Shi Dae!
The girls have won themselves yet another K-chart win with Gee in the last episode of Music Bank in 2009.
The overall 2009 K-chart victory, with competitors 2NE1 and Super Junior.

But there can only be 1 ultimate winner and it went to the 9 girls of SNSD who ruled much of early 2009 with their killer hit song, Gee for nine consecutive weeks if you still remember.

All have done well this year. :)

I am definitely looking forward to another year of K-pop madness!
And especially with Big Bang's new album release. :D
Good luck to all groups next year~

And especially my beloved SHINee babies and Big Bang boys. :3
I'm biased. Live with it. :X
K sleeping early tonight! Goodnight Baby Keyguns!


Btw, thanks to the 7 people who sms-ed me this morning to wish me Merry Christmas. :D
It made me feel happy although I woke up at 5 pm. :X

I was tired... And the only reason I smsed you merry Christmas at 7am was 'cos I didn't sleep a wink after coming back from the party... LOL.

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You're such a bad, bad, bad girl

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I keep thinking about his fake smile and I go crazy.

Christmas special! I know it's 4a.m., but who cares! :)

Firstly, happy belated birthday to BEAST's JoonHyung oppa!
I hope he had a wonderful time with the 4Minute girls and other BEAST members :)
It was really sweet of them.

And I'm pretty tired after stuffing myself with ham at 1a.m.
Everytime I burp, I can taste the ham -.- How to sleep liddat!?
I reached home about 2+ I think. Still got energy la.

I also realised I never updated with photos.
I took some photos of my Christmas card just now. :D
(Anyway CuteCube is being an ass and won't let me play.)

The lovely envelope of the Christmas card my nieces gave me.
Even lovelier than Dubu. :D (Blame my mad photography skills -.-;;)

Jiaaaang~! The lovely card inside!

This is the cute picture in the card that they drew :)
It might seem so immature, but they're like the same age as me .__.;; (Mad skills again.)

First line says: "Dear aunty Danielle (aka Minting, Keyguns. :D)"
LOL. So cute. Excuse me ah, it's Mrs. Keyguns k?

And while I'm at it, my smexy PSKey wallpaper. :X

Mad skills right.

Ah yes! Big Bang's 2010 Big Show concert promo vid is out!!
I don't live anywhere near Korea, but the thought of a new album makes me go crazy.
I'm a beasty beasty...

The concert will be held on January 29th, 30th and 31st of 2010 in Seoul Olympic Stadium.

Also, SBS has released the behind the scenes photos for the Boy Group Message supporting Gayo Daejun.
Dubu is representing SHINee (obviously), and I'm glad to see him having fun with the other boys. :)
However, don't forget who your real members are, Dubu!

Mental Note: Stop eating junk food at ungodly hours unless you want to get fatter.

Merry Christmas, Keyguns! :D


I was looking through my camera photos, and I saw my Japan 08 trip photos :(
Man I miss Japan!

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I just feel it this time

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I know you think it's going way too fast.
You know I've found what I was looking for at last.

Yea I found my Keyguns. And I feel it this time :D
No more changing! Key is forever k.

I should crop out Baby Taetae's face and put my own. HAHA.
I wanted a pretty border since it's Christmas eve's morning. Did that make sense? (It's 24th Dec, 1a.m.) Happy Christmas eve's morning, people! :D
I went shopping yesterday (23 Dec) for my Christmas outfit. :X Finally.
I got something red and black. It matches Keyguns' hair ._.
Or how his hair USED to be, at least.

And last night I made a .gif of U-Kiss' Kevin & Kibum.
My first time! And my laptop kept hanging everytime I changed the frame -.-;;
I'm not doing .gifs ever again. NEVER!
@Deborah: KeXander is a cute pairing, but JongKey is JongKey k! >3 No one can be compared to Key ever.
Kevin eyecandy. :D

As for Hankyung's case, I can only say I'm in favour of Hankyung.
'Cos from the way I see it, SM is a real bitch. First DBSK, now SuJu?
SM, are you trying to kill your artistes!?

I'm not an E.L.F, nor a major Cassiopeian, but I think Hankyung's contract was VERY unfair. Same for DBSK's.
And I really want Hankyung to stay. If not, it'd feel weird. o__o

You can view Hankyung's contract details here.

Hm. On a lighter note, SHINee's 2010 calender has been revealed! Whoop!

Also, pretty soon my blog template's gonna screw up again.
Since the width of every post is different -.-;; I'M SO SICK OF HAVING TO CHANGE THE CODE EVERYTIME A POST GOES UP OR DOWN.
Fuck this.

2009 has been a good year too, hasn't it? :)
With me starting secondary school, homework piled up, started on k-pop, blahblahblah.
But what better way to celebrate the end of year than a good look at the times our favourite idols fell and got up again! :D (To tell you the truth, I didn't get some of the bloopers..)
K-pop jjang~! Stay strong, SHINee&BigBang (and especially Keyguns)!

BTW, Dubu falling down at 0:33 was really sad :( He looked so weak. And he fainted too. Sigh. What a tofu!

------Will edit the K-pop Mistakes series when the rest comes up! :D------

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Like the first time

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Have I been loving with only words?

Quick update so you know I'm not dead.
Or anything~

Kay 2 days to Christmas and I haven't bought my Christmas outfit.
Heck, I haven't even finished my homework which I'm supposed to be doing now :X

Keyguns wishes ya'll a merry merry Christmas~
And screwing up in the midst. That is soooooo Baby Key.
Not almighty at all :D Leave the almighty to me~ Almighty Minipu.


The html is so screwed up in my archives and I have to keep changing my page code =.= This template is shit, man.
Maybe changing soon....

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With you I can't do this nor that

Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheo eumcheoreom.

WAHAHAAA! Bling is so cute :D
And I love MakBanShi, with or without SHINee.

To tell you the truth, I'm quite surprised that no one made a .gif oh Joon flashing his ripped guns in the Oh Yeah mv. HAHA.

Speaking of MBLAQ, interesting news to all you Thunder/Chun Doong fans.
The next episode of Idol Army Season 5 will feature girl group Secret, no, not T-ara.

As the idols showed off their talents to decide the couples, Seungho played the piano, showing off more of his hidden talents. And Thunder decided to re-enact a famous yogurt commercial.

For his re-enactment, Thunder chose Hyosung of Secret to play the girl part. Thunder took a spoonful of the yogurt and then said, "Noona~!" with a whole lot of aegyo. Even though the spoon had already been in Thunder's mouth, Hyosung took a slurp of the yogurt herself. Then the other members started to yell, "Indirect kissing!"

Imo, it would've been much better if MIR just planted a wet one on Thunder's neck, instead of Hyosung indirectly kissing him.

MBLAQ Pictures, Images and Photos
Is that even MIR?

:D Hohoho! Dara's little bro is growing up~
To be honest, I have nothing against this ('cos it's not Keyguns >.>), and I think Hyosung and Thunder would make a cute couple.

Photobucket hates me -.- sorry for the bandwith exceed....

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart.

AmYul? That's pretty cool.

Ahh. The title says 'cheo eumcheoreom' (in Eng: Like the beginning).
It's probably the only song I like from T-ara :P
The rest of their songs are fail.

And congrats to SNSD for their first ever concert!!
As expected, they were all very excited and happy. And the picture above was from the concert too. There were both solo and collaboration perfs.

KeySica was one of them -.- No idea what they sang.

But chyeah. Whateverrrr. :D
Taengoo hwaiting~


Girl Groups:
*2NE1 - Fire, I Don’t Care and Let’s go party
*4Minute - Hot issue, Muzik and Special Performance
*After School - Diva and Because of You
*Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra, Sign and Special Performance
*Davichi - 8282 and I made an accident
*f(x) – LA chA tA and Chu ~ ♡
*Jewelry - Vari2ty and Love story
*KARA - Honey, Wanna, Mister and Special Performance
*SNSD - Gee, Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) and Special Performance
*T-ara - Lies and Bo Peep Bo Peep

Boy Bands:
*2AM - This Song, Friend’s Confession and Special Performance
*2PM - I Hate You, Again & Again, Heartbeat and Acrobatic Performance
*Beast - Bad Girl, Mystery and Special Performance
*MBLAQ - Oh Yeah, G.O.O.D Luv and Special Performance
*SHINee - A.MI.GO, Ring Ding Dong, JoJo and Special Performance
*Super Junior - Sorry Sorry and It’s You and Special Performance

Special Stage:
*8090 Legend Stage featuring: Super Junior + 2PM + SNSD + 2NE1 + T-ara
*Dance Stage featuring: KARA Nicole + 4minute HyunA + SNSD Hyoyeon + After School Gahee + Jewelry Ha Jooyeon + 2NE1 Minzy
*Lee Moon Sae Stage featuring: SHINee Jonghyun + Super Junior Kyuhyun + Kim Tae Woo + Baek Ji Young
*Lee Seung Chul Stage featuring: SNSD + Davichi + Seo In Young
*Special Change Stage featuring: Brown Eyed Girls + KARA + 4Minute + SNSD
*Special Joint Stage featuring: Baek Ji Young + Lee Seung Gi + Kim Tae Woo + Son Dambi
*Trot joint stage featuring: Park Hyun Bin + Jang Yoon Jung + Song Dae Kwan
*Wonder Girls overseas video message


I'm looking forward to the special stages 8D Especially those featuring SHINee & 2NE1 WHOOOOOO!
Jong doing a Lee Moon Sae stage... It can't get any better than that T.T
And... I didn't include the solos :X HAHA. Sorry ah.

Yey <3 WG video message! Haven't been hearing from the girls recently, so I can't wait!

ANDAND OHMYGOSH! SHINee's going to perform A.MI.GO again!!! AFTER LIKE, SO LONG!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! I can't wait! And I can't wait to see their special perf~
I'm getting so hyped >.< SEEYA! BBYONG! ANNYOUNG!


Ohya. Did you know Minyi is like some lyrics master? See for yourself:

Everything I write, she knows it's lyrics! Pro or not?? :D

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I only want One(w)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Does everything seem that easy to you?

엄마 loves her/his (o__o) baby Taetae~
*nosebleeds* Sorry, rl yaoi turns me on :X

I love Jojo perfs :D 'cos I like their colourful clothes.
I really miss their A.MI.GO days ):

And I keep dying in Crisis Core...
Anyone wants to share info about defeating the Angeal monster?? Send me a msg on fb prz: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1069545122

Does this song ring a bell to you(ring ding dong..)?

Well, if you're an avid Big Bang fan, you should know that this Chinese group BLATANTLY RIPPED OFF BIG BANG'S 'LAST FAREWELL'.
*breathe in, breathe out* >.<

This video isn't exactly new and many of you might have already seen it earlier this summer, but Korean netizens have only recently found out.
In fact, this group is so identical to Big Bang, they even call themselve OK-BANG. -.-
Seems like this is becoming a trend, as more recent groups like a Thai 2NE1 and a Chinese Girls' Generation are debuting.

Sheesh. This OK-BANG is such a FAIL. :/
It's terrible, and Big Bang isn't going to feel any better with bloodied fan letters.

Now, they're not super grotesque and are just cuts and nips but even still it's quite disturbing. If you're not easily shaken and have a strong gut, you can see the photos here.

Kay. Curiousity took over my fear, and I took a little peek at the page. On the page itself, it just shows you a thumbnail-like size of the real pictures. To view it full-sized, you need to click on the picture. But... I guess I dare not :P Although a part of me really wants to....

However, this blood letter thing is getting seriously out of hand. First Taec, then Joon, then Hongki, now G-D & Taeyang!?
I mean, how would YOU feel if you got some period blood letter? Or an emo-cut blood letter?
I'd feel grossed out. I'd probably hide in my room and never come out again.
I wish the Korean government would do something about this :P It's unfair to the idols, don't you agree?

I just hope my Keyguns and TOP remain protected o__o


Deborah so LAME. :X See what she say:

See - People ask her what happening she say "dey tokking about smth".
....I know that -____________-;; BUT WHAT ARE THEY TOKKING ABOUT!? HAHA!
Anyway, she finally told me they talking about their mothers :D

K Deb, don't kill me XD

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"싸랑해용" 한마디~

Friday, December 18, 2009

Saranghae keureokke neon manmanhani?


For some reason, this action looks so familiar.
Like it's from a dance or something o__o

Anyway. My cousins are coming over soon to help me upload more pirated games onto my PSKey. HAHA.
Pirated :D Have to give up my laptop... T.T

This post got no tags la so I'm not expecting alot of readers for this post.
Besides.. I'm only blogging 'cos theres nothing else to do o__o

Such a boring day. Anyone wants to do my homework for me?
Chyeah. Awright.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keunyeodo nareul bwa.

Lee Jae Jin Pictures, Images and Photos

Hai baby Jin!
Don't get it wrong. I'm not cheating on Keyguns.
Jin is my BABY. Key is my... No.1 boyfried :P

allkpop changed their banner to SNSD. That's good, 'cos I'm no big fan of T-ara.
They had a SHINee exclusive once, when babies made their comeback.
But that time I not interested in them yet :P HAHA.

Oh Esther came back liaos. So happy.
We can go out again~

So we're talking on msn. K see what she say about my Keyguns.
Fine, his hair looks funny! But it's a very funny Christmas tree.
I mean... Cute.

Okay let's see what news we should update on.


Invincible Youth

On an upcoming episode of KBS' Invincible Youth, 3 of the G7 members revealed they were fans of 2PM and chose their favorites.

SNSD's Sunny, T-ara's Hyomin and Kara's Goo Hara were on their way to buy a Christmas tree, after raising money from selling red bean filled bread. But when they arrived at the store, they were mesmerized by 2PM socks. They all agreed to pick their favourite member and hang them on the Christmas tree.

Sunny chose Taecyeon as her favorite and ideal guy, but so did Goo Hara. And that's when things became interesting, as Sunny pulls Goo Hara aside and threatens her. Goo Hara eventually folds and sadly states that her favourite is Nichkhun. (WTH, Sunny! Is it wrong to choose the same ideal type!? Okay... Maybe I'd get angry if someone liked Key too....)

Whereas T-ara's Hyomin chose Wooyoung's sock and gave a little message asking him to come on the show at least once. Aws. Nice, I might've chosen Wooyoung too. MIGHT HAVE.

091215 SHINee - Jojo

Fancam of babies' latest perf, since the real footage isn't out yet. I am absolutely loving Jong's outfits and caps these days. o__o
Too nice. I wan steal. :3
And Keyguns' hair! XDD SO CUTE. I'd buy you as a Christmas tree, Keyguns~ :D

Btw... Listen up for the screams at 2:32. I totally ROFLMFAO-ed HAHAAAA!!! XDD

Kkz~ I'm going to go spoil my PSKey now :D


Chansung Gif

Hey. I keep doing this exact same dance nowadays...

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Oh okay. It's fine now HAHA :D Sorry la.

I get explosions when I'm pissed.
Saengil chuka hamnida, dubu!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Song for my Romeo.


HAPPY 20TH, DUBU! I miss this Dubu leh...

MAN. Don't grow any older Dubu. T.T
And how come their b-days like so many in December o__o
First Minho, then Seungri's then today Dubu's.

Oh, and happy 100th day anniversary, to the f(x) unnis!
Not a big fan of them but hey, Sulli's so adorable! :D

Lmfao Amber's so funny XD She's scooting away from the crazed girls...

100 days only? It's such a short time, but these girls have already achieved alot :)
Congrats! :D (I hear Manmanhani in the background....)

Okay I just downloaded SHINee's Inkigayo Jojo perf XD
Man I'm craaaazzyyyy. :)
Okays~ Gonna go DO MY HOMEWORK.

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Get Down

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Check me out while I lace it down.


S'kuse me, Kibum. That is unattractive.

LOL k, k. I just had to post that. :D
S'okay, Kibum. I still think you're attractive when you're unattractive.


Perfectly sexy when you're over-sexy. :P


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I-i was blind.

Sigh. I'm now blogging because I have reached my Twitter status limit.
Twitter's asking me to wait for a few hours
but I want #seungri to be at the top! T.T C'mon, man!
It's his birthday today......

So anyway.
Today I just uploaded a shitload of videos to my ipod XD
SHINee's perf of Jojo on 12/12 included.

Here it is:

Woah.. What's with this, man!
Why are Jong and Minho's fringes up!! I don't like it >3
Put it back down la, stylists.

Keyguns' hair is so colourful!
First reaction: Wtf -.-
Then it became: Whoa... XD
Keyguns is so hot! I wouldn't dislike anything about him for the world k.
Anyway, red + green has a Christmas-y feel about it~
I like :D

But what's that on his right cheek?
A mini-tattoo? A sticker?
Whatever it is, it looks cute on him xD

And I'm so glad they're performing Jojo.
Personally, I think it sounds better than Ring Ding Dong >.<
And I like their new clothing style! XD
I mean, I'm okay with it. Not much loves 'cos it doesn't match much.
Colourful, like back then~ *Reminisces*

Have you guys seen Fany's new hairstyle?
Tiffany and Yuri hosted the Copyright Clean Concert today, a special live concert promoting legal downloading of music.
(Uh-oh. Makes me feel guilty.)

She's one of my favourites, but I have to admit that her new tresses don't enhance her beauty well :(
Ah wells. Whatever floats her boat k. She's still Fany <3

Black hair suite her best, but brown compliments her well too~

F.Cuz. (Hate the name.) Zzzz.
Looks aren't really their specialty, eh?
Well, I am loving Yejun, and Jinon reminds me of Taeyang :P
LeeU looks like Spock, and the ladies are falling for Kan.

Anyway, 8th January '10 is their debut day. Not really soon -.-
Especially if they plan to continue releasing teasers and photos on a daily basis.

BUT WHO CARES! Yejun has a nice voice! :D And his eyes remind me of Keyguns' :X Don't worry, Keyguns. I'm not falling for him yet.

Some eyecandy for the momentary spasms:

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Ohmygosh. I found it.

However, I'm not planning on changing my layout that soon XD
I wish I had 2 blogs.

Here's sharing wit ya'll: http://www.blogskins.com/info/293992/

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Maybe the greatest thing will happen. Maybe all will see.

Spinning Onew Pictures, Images and Photos

In 3 days, Dubu will turn 20 T.T
So sad. Every year, our age gap just grows further and further apart~

I sound so desperate T.T
No one will talk to me on msn these days...
Speaking of Deborah,

Hope she doesn't get a shock from my spam of offline messages.

Ohya, last night I could finally upload my blog banner onto Photobucket.
Sucks man. :P
I made it on Tuesday, but only put it up last night wtf.
For like, 20 times I couldn't upload it 'cos of a network error.

Baby Key~ ♥
Ring the Dong

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yonggi nan nareun PITCH UP


Not to be outdone by their sunbaes Super Junior and SNSD, SHINee's performance at the 2009 Golden Disk Awards was equally spectacular. They performed "The SHINee World" as well as "Ring Ding Dong" to the delight of screaming fangirls. And judging from the screaming fans, they definitely deserved that YEPP Popularity Award they received earlier in the night.

Tell me when was the last time they performed "SHINee World"! :D
And the voice introducing the members near the beginning was hilarious
Lmfao XDD

Babies paying tribute to the great MJ with their SuJu sunbaes~ BEAT IT.
:) Keyguns looks FREAKING HOT DAMN SEXY.
So do puppy Jong~ And Baby Taetae, and Dubu, and Minho.

SNSD performed 'Smooth Criminal', but I'm too lazy to post that :P

I'm so happy *tear* It's been such a lonely msn.
I hope she got me a souvenier >.>

Good night babies~ :)
Goodnight Keyguns <3

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t-t-t-t-tell me

Nar wihae geureoh dan geumar.

Only Taengoo, Fany, Sica, Sunny and maknae sang? o.O
I guess they really wanted a good performance lol.

Sunny's voice was super EWW.
Both her and maknae's omonas were not good.
Sohee still has the best omona :P

I think SNSD needs more charisma than 'cutesy cutesy' to do this song....
Otherwise they'll overdo it like what HyunA did.
And what happened to HyunA? SHE GOT KICKED OUT. HA.

And woah man.
Yuri! That girl can rap! o__o (Omo! YulKey! The rapping couple!! 8D)
Hyoyeon too D:
I thought Yoobin was the only cool rapper...

It was damn difficult la T.T It took me forever.
Somewhere between 'kkumman gatatdeon', I still get tongue tied :P
BUT at least I know the rest XD HAHA.

See my super cute wallpaper.
I feel like their mother or what o__o Put my babies' happy picture as wallpaper.
"Key baby~ Look here~~" XDD
I can imagine myself as the mother already. :D

Okaaay. I nidda go now.
Seeya babies :DD

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Fantastic, elastic

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'll be your Majinga.

Banner Minho 03 Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy 18th birthday Majinga :)

Today is Minho bb's real birthday! ♥ (I wished him so many times =w=;;)

Oh ya. I was watching the Angry Video Game Nerd.
Got one episode, he suddenly appeared into the camera!
Scared the shit out of me,
but he's damn funny XD And vulgar.

I'm thinking of changing my blogskin again.
I like this current one,
but I saw another one just as pretty :D With the WonderGirls also.
I think I like WG again. They're beautiful.
And it's a one-page blog! O:


My BigBang babies released a new CF ♥ FOR THE LG CRYSTAL PHONE FTW!!
Check out G-Dragon's hair XD Back to the Oh My Friend days, I see?
No, wait. This one is far worse -.-;;
Hubby and baby are looking good ♥ :)
AAHHHHH. I haven't called TOP hubby in awhile ;__; So focused on Keyguns lately.
Anyway, here are the various versions:

Group CF Intro

Leader's first (OMO. BABY'S SO CUTE.)

Daesung's ver

Baby and Taeyang's ver

GOSH I can't wait for hubby's ver *swoon* XD
Man. Shin Se Kyung is damn lucky.

Sorry, I type in caps when I'm excited ^^;

Anyway. I'd better go. It took me forever to finish this post XD
I was distracted while watching the AVGN :DD
Byeeee babiesss ♥

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Lol XD I'm calling everyone 'babies' these days :P
When I searched "SHINee thailand garden sampran photos" on Google,
my blog was on the first page! HA.
Tell me why

I'll be your bodyguard, I'll protect you.


ONDUBU! Chu~♥ for me? XD

Lol this kind of guy how to be your bodyguard??
Too adorable to get hurt le. ♥
Same for baby Taetae. ♥
Which is why I prefer Keyguns @.@ HAHA!

I'm supposed to be doing my school homework now >.<;;
At least 6 maths qns everyday. Later still got maths tuition...
Aiyahh, after tuition then do la.

I just put up some twitter thing under the 'Misc' section :D
You should check it out.
I feel bad that my blog isn't a one-page only blog ):
If not everyone can see le~

:DDD I hope she did. I don't care if got photobook anymore or not -.-;;
So long as got the CD can already~ ♥
I hope she got it O___O

Loveliest album ever~ I heard some of the songs.

And my photobucket ah. I think it's gone crack.
Okay. Nehmind. I need to get ready for tuition now.
Will update on K-pop gossip later~ :)
Bye babiessss ♥♥

Monday, December 7, 2009

Still I have ROMANTIC in my heart.


Happy birthday Minho bb! It's tomorrow actually (8th Dec, 12am right now XD), and Minho's not my bb ._. He's Deborah's... Or is it Shauna's...? HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY ANYWAY, CHILD! :DD You shall now be as old as my Keyguns ♥

Aiyah see la... My CL picture on my last post -.-;;
Bandwith really exceed leh!
And do you know SHINee's song 'Romantic'?
The chorus got one line saying "Still I have Romantic in my heart",
and it doesn't make any sense.
But when Keyguns said it, I think my heart flew all the way to Korea.
And for the song 'Bodyguard' that my babies sang for the Anycall CF,
Keyguns saying 'Illumination' in the chorus made me feel like I was in heaven :)

Hey Keyguns. Since your english is good, we won't have problems conversing if we're married! HAHA :D


(Omo~~ Sunny looks so pretty...)

The girls of SNSD and the guys from SHINee guest-starred on this week's episode of KBS's Imagine More (Imagine Plus), where SNSD member Sunny shared a cute story from her trainee days.

She said:
"In order to help me memorize my fellow members' names, I gave them all nicknames based on my first impressions of them and wrote them down in my diary. I wrote, 'Tiffany is a girl who wanders around hurriedly, Taeyeon is like a little yellow chick, and Seohyun is a Park Jiyoon look-alike.'"

When Sunny was asked about her first impression of YoonA, she smiled and answered:
"I wrote 'YoonA looks like she has Injulmi (a type of Korean rice cake) under her eyes,'" which garnered lots of laughter from the audience.

Sunny also shared other things on the show, among them being her first impression of the members of SHINee, but we'll have to wait for the subbed episode to come out (*sob* T.T).

2NE1 Pictures, Images and Photos

YAY My 2NE1 girls will be making their FIRST variety show appearance since their debut, on the December 27th episode of MBC's Sunday Sunday Night "Danbi" corner!

I cannot cannot cannot definitely cannot wait to see my girls off-stage ♥

Okay, now to post some VERY CUTE videos of my bbs in Thailand ♥♥

So cute lehhh.
It's okay baby, I was scared while feeding the elephants in Thailand 3 years ago, too. :D

Now I shall go continue watching my unfinished episode of MakBanShi.
Last night la =.= Had to stop halfway.
Bye babyyyy ♥

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