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Monday, November 30, 2009

Just wanna think about.

What's your name, Mister?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The name's Keyguns, of course!

The KARA girls are so cute, I'm so jealous >.> But not as jealous as I am of the SNSD girls GRR *shakes fist* :P That's one of their live Mister performances on Music Core. They've stopped their Mister/Wanna promotions awhile ago, but I happened to come across that video. Hara and Jiyoung's hair are so nice... But I want Nicole's hair more! XD

&#44396;&#54616;&#46972; GOO HARA Pictures, Images and Photos
Darn, she's cute. (And I sound like a pervert -.-; I'M A GIRL, OKAY!?)

And last night I got stopped by my mom halfway while saving a whole shitload of Keyguns pictures at SHINee's live performances >3 I tell you, they were all beautiful *drool*

Also, have you heard about Nicole and Hara's love triangle with an unknown male celebrity? It was revealed last month on an episode of Strong Heart, but I only heard about the news last night xP

So anyway, as you know, netizens can point their fingers at someone as fast as you can blink -.- The first victim suspect is 2AM's Jinwoon. However, Jinwoon denied all claims of such during a filming for the new show Idol Maknae Rebellion, saying: ""No, it's not me! Although it's true that I'm really close to Nicole, we don't have that kind of relationship. They weren't talking about me in that story!" One suspect down.

Next victim suspect - SHINee's KEYGUNS *LE GASPE!* How dare they accuse my Keyguns of being in a love triangle >.> Thankfully, he too denied the rumour, saying in an interview on SBS E!TV: "Everyone accused me after 2AM's Jinwoon denied it. It is true that I'm close with Nicole but I do not even know Goo Hara. I, too, am not involved in this triangle relationship." (PHEW.)

During filming of the show, they even called Nicole and tried to figure out the details. (Talk about obsessed.) I wonder who the next suspect would be....? And why is it that the boys all know Nicole but not Hara... =.=;; Poor Hara. It's okay Hara, I still love you.

And I also love Keyguns.

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Geudayo nunmul saranghae.

I call you butterfly.


"No more 'Daddy, daddy, call me Dalia!'" :D Random quote from the Gee(Buffalaxed) vid... I digged up an old SHINee picture from my SHINee folder today. It's the babies in hanboks! :D Damn cute, Baby & my No.1 boyfriend.

So now Ah Deb cannot sleep late le. That makes me the only nocturnal animal around o.o Aw man. Damn lonely at night. I woke up at 3pm today LOL Typical me C: And I'm so full now =.= Mental note: A bowl of udon won't do you justice when you ate shaker fries around 1 hour ago. (YES. The fries are back!)

Anyway, time for some K-pop updates which I haven't done in awhile.

Firstly, some really bloody news - literally. I don't update on 2PM's stuff but this piece of news was just REALLY disturbing. A fan letter for 2PM's beastly rapper Taecyeon has garnered an enormously high amount of attention. Apparently, it was written with the fangirl's own blood. But not a regular blood you get from a paper cut - this was blood from her period with a sprinkle of pubic hair (I know, WTEF). This is outrageous! >:O Poor Taec ): However, I hope 2PM's first Mutizen this week on Inkigayo managed to cheer Taec up a little.

With last week's episode pre-empted by the Share the Love concert, Inkigayo made it's return on the last week of November with it's 555th episode! Having snatched three Mutizens already with Ring Ding Dong, I'm sure my SHINee babies are happy enough :)

And just like on Music Bank a few days ago, it was 2PM who came out winners as they received their first Mutizen and second award in a week. Congrats guys!

Ooooh. Speaking of this week's Inkigayo, my SHINee babies 'circled their pelvises' to Ring Ding Dong once again without baby Taetae. But unlike their performance on Music Core previously, they performed a special remix version of Ring Ding Dong on Inkigayo! Personally, I liked this remix as it brought somewhat a fresh new feel to the song, although my babies looked really tired T_____T. And Keyguns tapping Jong there on 2:17 when Jong unexpectedly broke his voice and Keyguns wants to tell him it's alright. :3 *sighs* Jong didn't smile brightly like on Mucore, and Dubu seems angry(he made a mistake at the start)...Keyguns is still energetic though. I miss the smiley babies! Taetae needs to get well soon T.T It's still great anyway, check it out!

Lastly, on a recent episode of Star Golden Bell, Kim Sook reveals how Sunny leaves her make-up on 24/7, even when she sleeps. But there was a legitimate reason as Sunny explained herself.


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Diggy Ding

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stop tryin' to get her back, she ain't coming.

Hehe. Sorry for not updating the blog. I went for a sleepover at my nieces' place. We were dancing to SNSD's Gee like for 2 whole days XD They damn cute la they. (Not SNSD hor.)

Niecies~ I'm sorry for being a bad auntie and not knowing the Ring Ding Dong dance ): But rest assured, I'll learn that soon after.... I start doing my homework T.T I feel like cursing everytime I think of homework. URGH Someone hold me back! D:

Ya so, BABY TAETAE IS DOWN WITH SWINE FLU ))))): TAKE CARE, BABY! Poor babies had to rush down to the Philippines for a gig then all the way back to Korea again. See, baby? Hasn't Keyguns been taking proper care of you? ):

The video on top is babies' performance on Music Core yesterday (it's 1am now) - without Taetae of course. I hope he gets better soon 'cos it's so incomplete without baby ♥ The family's so empty D:

*cough* Uhm yea. But on the bright side, I've never seen Jong smile so radiantly before :) It's a good thing, of course. I wish he would smile like this all the time instead of acting like a bad boy, which the SHINee babies can't. 'Cos they're too pure and innocent. :)) Don't forget to catch Jong's bright smile from 1:17-1:18 XD Makes you wanna smile too ♥ ("Just wanna think about"... Sorry, random)

On the other hand, I'm happy Minho is singing Taetae's parts, because he definitely has too little lines. BUT he didn't do it quite up to standard :P And I agree with Ah Deb, Keyguns should've done Taetae's lines instead >.<

Not forgetting Keyguns and Dubu. I swear, the cameraman has a bias on Keyguns, which is a good thing for me, 'cos it means more Keyguns for my eyes 8D His outfit is so hot too *-,* Keyguns has the best outfit everytime XD;; When will he stop killing me? ♥♥ And Dubu.. ♥ I'm just glad he's back.

COME BACK SOON TAETAE ♥ ILU KEYGUNS ♥♥ (Signature line by now -.-;;)


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Oh, mistake!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Look at that. Just look at that banner. It makes me feel so dumb when i look at it! XDD Due to a very interesting incident that just happened....

Right before dinner, I got an sms from Ah Deb, asking me if EoY was tomorrow. Of course, taken by surprise, my reply was "WTH!? TOMORROW!??" :T Tomorrow IS a Thursday after all, so I thought, why in the world would such an important event be on a WEEKDAY. 'Cos I probably know more than 30 cosplayers who are working on the weekdays, so wouldn't holding an event on a weekday like that just be wasting money? .__.

So anyway, I checked the date and, surprisingly, it IS tomorrow OwO 26th, and that's tomorrow's date. Then happily, I went on to sms Esther and Glen Glen if they'd like to go too, since Ah Deb said she would go if people were going. And I thought why not? The more the merrier hor~

And at first I didn't get a reply from Esther, so I just continued discussing with Glen Glen and Ah Deb UNTIL... Esther replied....saying: "EoY not tis sat la =.=" with her...signature face '=.=' AND THEN IT STRUCK ME. I WAS LIKE 'WTF!!!??' AFTER GOING THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE DISCUSSING ABOUT WHEN AND WHERE TO MEET, THEN ESTHER SMSES ME!?!?! -_____________________- But it's okay.

So we cancelled and decided to go out next week instead. I haven't stepped out of this house for three weeks you know? It feels like imprisonment. I NEED to go out :)

And since we'll all be meeting up next week, we decided to practice for our YG audition too~ I really hope they reply fast and accept us >.< PEACE. Bbyong~!

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Hajiman Sexy

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SHINee banner Pictures, Images and Photos

I love my SHINee babies very much~ <33 Especially my baby Taetae and my No.1 boyfriend :DD And I adore their uniform CFs *w*

It is definitely the Year of SHINee, alright. It is SHINee's year every year from now on! 8D Okay, so I just found SHINee's official page(http://shinee.smtown.com/). It's nice, because it's clattered with their Ring Ding Dong photoshoot photos. And I go to the 'Profile' link and I see Keyguns, then I go to the 'Videoclip' link and I STILL see Keyguns :DDD ILU KEYGUNS <333 (I think I say this in every post...)

One word of advice - Avoid Jong's photos. 'Cos he looks terrible .__. It's not that I look better than him, but trust me, he does NOT look good in his recently dyed bronze/blonde/brown tresses.

Remember to check out the gallery okay! My Keyguns & Taetae look so great *w* And Dubu of course <3 Oh yea, and I spotted a spider on the wall in one of Minho's photos @__@ That was such a 'wtf' moment. I'm sorry, Minho -.-;;

And there's a fanboard too. If you can't speak Korean, you can send messages to them in English by clicking the 'Fanboard' link then click 'Eng' somewhere near the top right corner just under the big '2009 Year of Us' logo. Their replies can be seen at the 'From SHINee' link, but judging from their replies, it looks like they only reply in Korean o.o Except for a few random English like 'SHINee World', or 'Merry Christmas' or something like that.

Apart from that, the last reply was at like what, 31st Oct? -.-;; I'd still encourage you to post a message though (: Who knows, it might get through~

i love shinee Pictures, Images and Photos

I can't exaggerate how true this .gif is 8D

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Uh huh. Listen, boy.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHH. THIRD POST TODAY, GUISE! :D I am soooooo addicted to SHINee now. So I came across this video, SHINee related of course.

I thought it was very cute that the boys know how to dance to their SNSD noonas songs! XD Well, Keyguns DID learn the dance when he performed with the "Boys' Generation". And Taemin a little. Minho, once again so stone. And no Jong 'cos he was down with swine flu ):

1:04 :3 I'm so proud of my SHINee babies when they dance together... *tear*

And I LOVED it when Key grabbed Taemin's hands at 1:13 (MUST WATCH!) and starts directing him to the dance, it's like "this is how you do it, son!!" XD Ahahaaa. ILU Mummy Key <3 ...Does that make me the daddy? o.o


Speaking of Keyguns.... I did something funny on Social Interview on FB just now XD (I keep doing those interview apps these days)


LOL. I hope she doesn't find me and sue me or something >D I'm sorry if you're reading this, girl >w< I still love my Keyguns no matter who else wants him <3

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Okay okay... I just got the news so....

Congratulations to G-Dragon for Best Album and 2NE1 for Best New Female Artist, Song and MV, as well as all the other winners at MAMA! ^^

Why my SHINee babies never go? ):


P.S: I found out the link that is supposedly my FB profile page on the 'Fan Badge' I posted awhile ago doesn't work, so... here's my profile: http://www.facebook.com/#/profile.php?ref=profile&id=1069545122

If you like Big Bang/2NE1/SHINee/SNSD then you should definitely add me! XD

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This was like, last month. But don't ask me why I'm only seeing this now! DAMN, this is so cute!! I love Keyguns :D Just in case you don't know what's happening...

Okay, I don't get what Jessica & Krystal are talking about at the first part(Krystal's like repeating what Jess says LOL), but they're so adorable. As much as Jessica's an ice princess, I still heart the Jung sisters ♥

Then for some reason they hug then Jessica turns around to talk to Amber and so Krystal was like,"Key~" And the girl holding the cam (I think it's Luna) says,"Key sunbaenim (something something...)" Then Keyguns starts waving his hand at the cam and he's like,"Hel-lo~" And he sniffles. LOL so cute! ;D My Keyguns was down with a cold ):

And then Luna spots Jong sitting at the corner alone with his Hello Kitty laptop (WTH LMFAO XD) and she goes,"Jonghyun oppa!" He looks up then he blocks his face - SO ADORABLE :DDD Jong you look tired ): Go get some sleep and stop playing with the Hello Kitty lappy! (Wth I still can't get over it! XDDD)

Then Luna zooms out back to Keyguns and he's like,*points at Amber* "She's my baby~" (AAAAHHH AMBERxKEY!!! ♥♥♥♥) And Amber points at Keyguns and goes,"And my boo." Then Keyguns repeats and says,"Yea, she's my boo... Actually, it's not 'she'... 'He'." LMFAO OMG I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS PART. Then Amber says,"HE? Hyung, hyung, hyung. Key-hyung." (Just in case you didn't know, "hyung" is only what BOYS call their male seniors XDD) And in the background Jessica and Krystal are saying something...

And oh! Luna catches Jong looking at the cam! She zooms in and he's like *looks back onto the laptop* (HELLO KITTY LAPTOP FTW!!) so she zooms back out to Keyguns. Then Keyguns (to Amber ♥) randomly says something like,"You look...'lee-zar'" And Amber tries to comprehend him (Keyguns' english omgftw♥) so she says,"I look bizarre?" Well, as you know, Amber was raised in California. But then Keyguns just repeats,"'Lee-zar'" And Amber tries again,"A lizard?" Uhh then someone taps on Keyguns' shoulder and says something then Keyguns goes,"Lizard... Yea! Right, lizard." And he sniffles again. D'awww.

Amber, of course, gets back at him with a harmless reply:"You look like a mouse." (Yes, he's my cute little mouse~ :3) And Keyguns laughs and says,"Am I~?" Then he starts sniffling and looks around (so. adorable.)

Luna then points the cam to Amber who randomly says,"Key-hyung" while directing her hands at Keyguns. Then Keyguns' was like,"Omagawd, I'm freaking tired." (WTH when he said that, he sounded so diva-like, complete with the classic eye-roll) Then he sniffles some more (♥) and says,"I got cold... So sick. My body's so hot, that means I'm so hot. Aha I'm hot~" And he waves his arms around. ^^ Damn, so cute, my Keyguns >3 Don't ever fall sick again k!

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Don't step back, saying you're afraid.

First things first... ONEWIE'S BACK! <333 We missed you Dubuuuu T_____T This was today's performance (uhh not exactly today, since it's 2am), and someone has already uploaded it!

Alright... My first thought when the boys first appeared was: "WTH. Who's that wearing the pink skirt!?" And then the boys turned around and it turned out to be... MINHO. And it was NOT a pink skirt - it's a jacket tied around his waist. -.-;; Please don't ever do that again, Minho. It so does NOT match the sexiness of your cute little ponytail.

Okay, those were my first thoughts, but then I saw Keyguns' outfit and I was like "HOMIGOSH! THAT'S SO HOT!" My Keyguns got style :D It looked the best out of like, all of their outfits. I always like Keyguns' outfits... Don't underestimate him. And his mad rapping skills = ♥♥♥ Triple love for the 'Triple threat' :) ILU KEYGUNS.

Hmmm... Onewwwieeee ^^ Gosh I'm so glad he's back. Did you hear the screams when Dubu started singing? Yes. That's how much they all miss him. And we miss him too ♥ And I double loves his Mickey Mouse t-shirt :D ♥♥ Minnie will be happy.

Jong... Nothing much to say about him.... He's still the same, and I still hate his hair. TAEMIN LOOKS SUPER HOT HERE! Except for his hair again -.- WHY IN THE WORLD MUST THEY GIVE HIM SUCH AN UGLY HAIRSTYLE! URGGHHH.

On a side note, they seriously have to stop cutting the song. In the first place, why would you want to cut a perfectly awesome song? Yeah. WHY? At 1:39 you can see Minho starting to do the 'ring ding dong' move, but since they cut the song all the way to the rap part, even Minho was a little confused. Poor thing. But anyway... The part that they cut was just the 'ring ding dong' part and then Jong's singing all over again so.... I don't really care. And besides, I'd be happy to get to hear Keyguns' singing earlier ♥♥♥ Hahas ^^

Wow I have so many hearts in this post.... ^^;; Bbyong~!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

xiahness banner from shinee.net Pictures, Images and Photos

There seriously must be something wrong with me.... Every minute of the past few days, the only thing that's been going through my mind is Keyguns, Keyguns, Keyguns. It's 2am and I'm STILL thinking about Key .__. Oh yea, someone stop me before I rob a flight to Korea and start stalking SHINee.

Tomorrow got tuition... Or should I say later today ^^;; I have 2 hours to zone out and daydream about my Key baby. But it's difficult to zone out when it's a one-to-one tuition lesson >P Why did I have to go and choose private lessons....

Oh yea. I got a Key wallpaper today too. It took me so long, you know!? Now I can sit and stare at my desktop screen 8D There were a few others but I saved all~ XD I have folders on my desktop dedicated to SHINee, Big Bang, 2NE1 and SNSD XDD I'm really going overboard. My phone's flooded with Keyguns too. My facebook profile pic is Keyguns, my msn dp is Keyguns and now my wallpaper too...

BUT HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE HIM?? He's hot, adorable, funny and so cute when he's scared! I want to go watch a scary movie with him so we can both scream together! XDD That's so cute.

I swear, I am SO going to get the new SHINee album. And now, for my Key baby photo spam.

minho key meowww Pictures, Images and Photos

This is so adorable!! What are they doing...? :D

key Pictures, Images and Photos

I love your new hair too, Keyguns ^^ I just wanna go over and pinch your high cheekbones <3

SHINee KEY Pictures, Images and Photos

Whoooooo!! Nice legs! (HAHA this was from the Genie parody video I posted awhile ago :T)

key Pictures, Images and Photos

Sing~ Noona is not pretty XDD Dongsaeng is pretty! Keyguns got sexy eyes :3 Key oppa jjang~! <3

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Rind Ding Dong craze over... After watching it like, 30 maybe 31 times... A.MI.GO is an older song by SHINee, but it's just as good and convincingly even better with this live performance! SHINee looks so good in suits, they should wear it more often. It looks better on them than the supposedly "bad boy" image. I mean, Key still looks hot either way... But Onew and Taemin can't be bad boys can they? No way. I won't allow pure and innocent Dubu and Baby Tae to become bad boys >3

Okay, so I came across this A.MI.GO live perf and the words * in Suits * caught my eye ;D So why not check it out? It'd be hot to see Keyguns being flashy in a suit anyway, dancing to the equally as hot A.MI.GO dance. AND YES! MY EYES WERE SATISFIED. I have now seen a slick side of Keyguns I have never seen before :) I was fangirling so much, my stomach hurts now....owww....

Heh? Oh alright, so I'm filled to the brim with praises for Keyguns. But hey, I've left some space for the other SHINee babies too! :3 Like Jong, looking so...fly in his suit. Minho's laidback cool style is bound to swipe girls *cough*Deborah&Shauna*cough* off their feet, and Taemin and Onew... Well, at first I couldn't tell them apart. Taemin looks really good here - he finally has an actually hot(!!) hairstyle, which is enhanced even more by the suave suit. And Onew is....Onew! It's the Onew style! It's pure and innocent :> Like a Dubu. So he and Taemin kinda got mixed up in my mind.

Hee I hope you enjoy the vid... 'Cos my Keyguns looks extra hot in it *drooooool* >-,< I am SO biased... I absolutely love Keyguns' rapping and his voice *w* And I also love Baby Tae's mad dancing skills.... But I think I love Keyguns more XD Kudos to SHINee~ They're young, but they're hajiman sexyyy XD

Then again... Younger is good for me.....

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Quick post! 'Cos I found something cool that I think I should share with all V.I.P Showals :) I love my BigBang and SHINee babies *tear* I'm so proud of them...

Behind the Scenes with BigBang - Ceci Magazine
Behind the Scenes with SHINee - Ceci Magazine

I love them all :) And... why Baby not there? D: I thought he was legal age for beer already... Ah wells. Baby will just be Baby ^^ Enjoy!

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Song for my Juliette ♡

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Juliette Pictures, Images and Photos

I lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove this picture. Absolutely! Because Keyguns looks extra cute when he says,"Song for my Juliette~" KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

Hmmm speaking of Juliette..... Why are there five Romeos but only one Juliette? That's unfair. Stupid Juliette :P Don't hog all the guys. JULIETTE NOT PRETTY EITHER. Can't they use Bom? She's so much prettier. She can be noona Juliette... Noona neo muh yehppeo~ XD

Create your Fan Badge

Sorry, I just HAD to put that up XD There's my Fb name(NOT KIM KIBUM). If you wanna add me, please attach a message to your request to let me know that you're from my blog, because I get requests for Mafia Wars so I don't want to get mixed up ^^

And now that I think of it.... ONEWIE HAS FULLY RECOVERED!! Thank goodness. He took longer than Jong to recover, so I was getting worried ;___________; Once again, thank goodness it wasn't Keyguns XD;; A representative of SM Entertainment had a phone call with Newsen today (19th KST), stating: "It has been confirmed that Onew is now fully recovered from swine flu."


SNSD: On November 19th, members Seohyun, Jessica, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon worked at a Starbucks branch in order to raise money for a children's charity organization.

The girls worked tirelessly from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon, constantly being flooded by fans. The line was so long that some fans had to wait over half an hour to get their cup of coffee. There was even a picture of Jessica and HyoYeon holding hands while walking down the steps in their Starbucks aprons! How cute~! XD

MBC filmed the entire event and it is set to air on the 30th of November. (Will be posted)

TaeYang: YG Entertainment has been gracious enough to release another version of the Wedding Dress MV that focuses solely on the choreography. YG sure loves their BigBang babies huh :) I love them too~ <3

With such a brilliant choreography (courtesy of Shaun Evaristo and Lyle Beniga), it is only deserving that there is a second video dedicated to Taeyang shaking what his momma gave him ^^

Edit version:

And the normal version:

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SHINee's bringing Sexy Back.

I've been posting up so many videos lately.... But they're all good, aye? And yesterday, when I checked my whos.amung.us (the funny rectangular thing with numbers in the 'Gee' border), I found out I had a visitor from Hollywood! :D My blog is publicising well. :>

So anyway, I came across this video while searching for more SHINee varitey on Youtube. I've been very crazy about them lately, because Key is so hot! XD Speaking of Key... I swear, THIS GIRL is going to steal my Keyguns T____T WHO'S UP FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF MISSION: SACRIFICE? *cough*ourlastonedidntwork*cough*

Heehee ^^ I LOVE THAT COLLARBONE THINGY. Minho did it best! XD Who knew he was sexy??

Key was sexy too, of course. Because the way his mouth was moving was so cute! XDD Don't forget to catch it in slow mo around 1:22, and his SEXY GAZE AT 3:39!!! SEXAY. Such a nice butt dance *-*

Jong not sexy 8D What a letdown. He looks so stiff! But it's kinda adorable, don't you agree? AND TAEMIN'S BUTT DANCE WAS SO GIRL-LIKE!! HAHA. I THINK I WON'T BE ABLE TO SLEEP TONIGHT XD ILU TAE ♡

On to the pole dance... They danced to 2NE1's fire :D OHEMGEE TAE! SO CUTE!!! The moves, so smooth. Work harder, and you'll be a Taeyang in no time ;D AS FOR KEYGUNS, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THE POLE!? XD He bowed with the pole or something. Sigh, oh the things I would do to be that pole. Hyungdon's feeling the passion, I see. Dance dedicated to noonas? Dedicate it to dongsaengs instead, Keyguns! 8DD They said Keyguns is good at pole dancing, HAHA.

Minho's pole dance was rather disturbing... I think I'd feel uncomfortable if I were the pole this time. He really treated it like his lover XD JONG CAN'T DO A SEXY DANCE, IT'S SO CUTE!

OH, Keyguns' encore dance cum 'pole dance battle'. I so badly want to be the pole, but I'd feel TOTALLY DISTURBED if I had to dance with that Jaewook guy! XDD Keyguns so cute at 6:58 :> He looks scared XD Gosh, so cute. I laughed my arse off, and my stomach hurts now.

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Key to My Heart.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Geudayo nunmul saranghae ♥

KEYGUNS. I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF HIM. I want to get him a new nickname .__. Keyboo? Keybuns? KEYKEY??

Mc Mong's such a retard... XD In a good way! He seems the most manly of them here... Sad to say.

And they all wear socks except for Taemin.
Maybe it's because they have hair but Taemin doesn't? Hahas.

Taemin, Key and WooYoung look so natural here, it's kinda creepy! XDD But they're still cute. Taecyeon looks like a baby in that hat.

I just hope Taemin doesn't break a bone or two while dancing. He looks so fragile... AND KEY IS SO FREAKING FAIR.

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Shining SHINee

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alright, alright... This was like, last month? But I just HAD to post it up... ^^; BECAUSE KEY IS SO SEXY HERE!!! Can I borrow your jacket, Key? *w*

Jonghyun, why'd you have to go and get some freaky blonde dye all over the front of your hair? Then it's brown at the back. Jong isn't one of my personal favs, but if he's going to be SHINee's Bling Bling, he must NOT go out with that hair... Did I mention his voice gives me the creeps? I'm sorry, maybe he just looks a liiiiiiiiiiittle perverted. No offence, Jong fans.

Onew.... Why so stiff? He always looks like he's in pain. Hey, cheer up. Or did you know you were going to get swine flu? ): Get well!

TAEMIN. WHAT IS UP WITH YOUR SIDE-PORKFLOSS!? You're supposed to be the cutesy kind, not the Auntie kind!! Or have you been hanging out with G-Dragon too much? Put a sock in it, Auntie Tae! Then I'll love you again (: Well, your innocence is bound to kill me one day anyway.

Minho. No complains so far. I have to admit, he rocked best here, even better than Key D: (Did I just say that??) He's tall, and has long legs. He does it best when they bend their legs!! ...What.... Is it wrong to look at their legs....? Work it, work it, Minho!

OOHHHHHH!!!! I caught Key opening his jacket at 2:08!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH. Smeeexxxyyyyyy XDDDD *sweats*

Uhh... Let me calm down for awhile =w=;; To wrap it all up, everyone of them had a little of their hair problems, right? Even Key, who's hair looked like it had been perfectly fine until an accident came up, causing the stylist to slide the scissors down, giving him that weird yet hot side-bang.... (There I go again...) And Minho with his Jun Pyo ringlets, Taemin with his Auntie curls, Jong with his...whoknowswhat. Kudos to Onewie, who managed to keep his hair normal and keep it on the down low (: Mercy to him, for he has been good!

ILU SHINee XD ILU still, Big Bang XDD

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Welcome Back!

My friend just informed me a few weeks ago that the LG Chocolate phone has come to Singapore just yesterday!! Wheeeeeeeeeee!!! What makes it special is not only that it's an LG phone, but it has been endorsed by SNSD!!!! D: And it comes in a TON of colours! But knowing me, I'd get the black one... Or maybe the blue one if I feel like it. I am sooooo gonna get the phone when my current phone's contract is up....

That aside, I think I'm a little biased. All the K-pop updates I'm posting are from the groups that I like :D Well, if you like Big Bang/2NE1 and SHINee, then you're lucky! 'Cos I usually update on them XD First of all, a recent post of mine did mention 2NE1's Bommie performing her first live solo performance of 'You and I' on Inkigayo, so here it is!

Then moving on to SHINee, another piece of good news!

In the 15th November episode of Inkigayo, three out of the seven Take 7 nominees performed - Park Bom with You and I, SHINee with Ring Ding Dong and Brown Eyed Girls with Sign.

And the winner was SHINee who, despite having to do without their leader, Onew, marched on to claim their Mutizen triple crown on Inkigayo. Oooooooh yeah. Though, hopefully, Onew would be fresh and kickstarting the next week with a fresh performance of Ring Ding Dong with his fellow SHINee mates (: And not forgetting my precious Key, too... *swoon*

And last but not least... TaeYang! We haven't heard much from the Big Bang boys lately, ever since their release of Hallelujah(IRIS OST) and Let Me Hear Your Voice(Japanese Single, one of my personal favs!!), but TaeYang has only released a new solo track just days ago and now the performance is here as well!

Enjoy :) I hope the whole load of good news is enough to make up my absence heheh ^^; We do wish Onewie a very very speedy recovery!!

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Fuzzy Blue Lights - Owl City [Lyrics]

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A break from my K-pop related posts. These are the lyrics to Owl City's Fuzzy Blue Lights. If you're an FF fan, you can check out the Owl City x FFX on my playlist, it's really sweet.

If I could look across the country
From California to New Jersey
Then I would count the parks and lake resorts
And number all the jets and airports
All those rather dreary rain clouds still bother me
Cuz I look through the camera eyepiece and cannot see

If I could open up my window
And see from Tampa Bay to Juneau
Then I would survey all those open miles
And line them up in single file
Everywhere I look I see green scenic sublime
And all those oceanic vistas are so divine

If I was standing on the balcony
And you were walking down below
I'd feel rather depressed and out of place
And lonely just to watch you go
If you were swinging from the highway overpass
Within the western hemisphere
I'd feel rather afraid and insincere
If you began to disappear

If I was walking through a sad art gallery
And you were driving through the night
I'd feel rather alone and ill at ease
Beneath the brilliant showroom light
If I was flying on a plane above your town
And you were gazing at the sky
Somehow I'd feel intact and reassured
If you began to wave goodbye

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You and I: Day 2.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Park Bom: YG Entertainment's on a roll. Following Dara's hit single Kiss and the announcement of TaeYangs' full album greeeting us in the New Year's, it was rumoured that fellow 2NE1 member Park Bom was going to debut solo too with a new song. Well, 'You and I' is climbing the K-Pop charts already, the MV's been released, and so has a new version of it! Although similar to the first version, this so-called "Making Version" focuses less on plot and more on candid shots, along with some new footage. Take a look:

And for you anticipating Bom fans out there, you'd be happy to hear that her very first stage without her fellow 2NE1 girls by her side will be unveiled on November 8th on Inkigayo. YG Jjang!

JoKwon: Apart from that there's a piece of good news for JoKwon fans! The goofy 2AM member is on his way to speedy recovery after being diagnosed with swine flu last week. A representative stated, "After being treated in the hospital, Jo Kwon's condition has significantly improved, close to a full recovery. It is highly possible that he will be decided to be fully recovered today. At the latest will be early next week."

JongHyun: Following SS501's Kim Hyun Joong, K.Will and 2AM's Jo Kwon, SHINee member Jonghyun has now been diagnosed with swine flu! Yesterday night, Jonghyun showed symptoms of a cold so he visited the hospital to get a check up. For precautionary measures he was given Tamiflu, but today he was declared positive with swine flu.

Jonghyun is currently staying at home and resting.

Due to his health, Jonghyun will stop his activities with SHINee. SM has stated that for the time being, SHINee will promote Ring Ding Dong as a 4 member group.

I hope JongHyun recovers soon ;___; SHINee isn't the same without him.... And just so long as Key doesn't get diagnosed with H1N1 either ^^;

Aish that's all the news for today. Bbyong~!

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