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Noona neomu yeppeo

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did you regret. Ever holding my hand?

Before I say anything,

Yea, so anyway. Today was Music Core's 200th anniversary, so they had a few special stages. Including a 2PM vs. SHINee Dance Battle, which I will definitely upload later! :D
@1:36, B2ST's Bad Girl MV had a similar move. I've been wondering why it looks so familiar..
Obviously, SHINee had the choreography first.
And how long has it been since they last performed Replay?? o__o

I can't wait to see them SHINee babies again~
Did I mention I miss Key bb's old hair? T.T

U-Kiss on yesterday's Music Bank.
They seem to keep wearing the same clothes for Bingeul Bingeul perfs. o__o I wanna see something new, guys!
OHOH. Don't forget to catch Kevin's wink. ;D
I took a few screenshots of it. Maybe I'll compile it all together later. LOL!


I got a screenshot of #princeYoogeun at it's highest. ^^
Number 6!! Not bad for a kid. Not sure if it went any higher tho.. If it did, I hope someone got a screenshot of it. <3


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Monday, February 15, 2010

My head hurts when I think about you.

Wahlao Alexander.
My whole Twitter page your Tweets leh. -.-

^^ Big Bang-y mood again. They all look so happy in the Sunset Glow perfs.
I feel happy when they're happy.
Here's a random perf :)

And a lovely Sunset Glow remix which I have used on my blog! XD

I loveeeeee TOP's cute little expressions! :D Couldn't keep my eyes off him just to see what face he'll give next. LOL!
G-Dragon suits the nerdy look well too. Watch in HD to see their pretty faces!

And there's something I must admit...
TOP has more charisma than any other man I've seen on stage.
And as much as I love Key, to be honest, Key can never beat that. :X Really.

Lastly, a new song I've been crazy about recently.
MyungSoo is so retarded. XD Sica's jumping about and he's so stiff!

And I especially chose this perf cos... I wore a shirt like Jessica's for the Lunar New Year. :D
I love it! Naengmyeon, naengmyeon, naengmyeon~!

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Is this what love is? My heart keeps pounding.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I got ni mameul yul soo itneun master key.


Hey everyone~ Today I'm gonna do something fun. XD

I'll be listing down every K-pop group that I can remember, and it's fan club name, along with the meaning.
I know some groups don't have a name for their fans, like T-ara and After School.
Here goes~

Big Bang fans are VIP's because we are Very Important Ppl to them.
SHINee is ShaWol because is SHINee World. -.-;;
Super Junior's called E.L.F (ever lasting friends)...lame!
MBLAQ is A+ cos all members blood type A.
2NE1 Blackjack, cos 21 = pwned.
WonderGirls' are Wonderfuls because they're wonderful! ^^;;
B2ST's are called B2UTY, because of Beauty and the Beast.
2PM fans are Hottests because 2pm is the hottest time of day.
F.Cuz's are Magnifying Glasses because F.Cuz = focus = magnify? o.O K weird.
U-Kiss's fanclub is Kiss Me because Kevin noes he wants to kiss me JKJK. No apparant reason I guess?
DBSK fans are Cassiopeia because of the star constellation made up of five stars.
KARA's are called Kamilias, KARA+Camilia(a flower).
ㅅ And lastly, SNSD's fans are S♥NE, which I think is an abbreviation of SoNyeoShiDae. Along with 'Soshi'.

Did I miss out any? D: Facebook me!
K ending with a SHINee photo from quite awhile back~ I think it's cute.


The group that prays together, stays together~ <3


Happy Valentine's Day
And Chinese New Year! =D

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Almighty Key

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If I see you, it's too much. Even so, I love you.


Answered your lovely questions~ Please continue sending them in! :)

Oh, congrats to Minho and Key bb on graduating high school!
Please wait for me~ I haven't even started high school. XD


Baby looks so smart~ <3

I was trying out something real stupid just now. I found Alexander's FY page on tumblr, so with the photos, I decided to do something funny...
(Since I do not wish to share the pictures of Kevin :D)


Everyone loves my Key baby. T____T

Oh recently I very poor thing. :(
Just yesterday, Deborah and Esther go snatch my History workbook and doodled all over the man on my HOMEWORK PAGE! :((( So crap.
Then today, I was trying to draw a cute picture of a chibi Alexander. And Deborah went to ruin it! ;___;
It was so cute...

At least God sent Tiffany to be with me. T____T
@0:53 Deja vu much! Aaaaahhh. My poor Alexander chibi...

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Love is pain

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Always be happy with her, so I won't ever change my mind.

I'm in a really Big Bang-y mood right now, so I just dug this up.
How many months has it been since I've last seen my boys on Korean stages?
I miss them sfm T.T Come back soon boys!

Oh, I love you girl.

And, I also found this.

This is mad funny XD
Alexander's 'LEH-TAHS' and 'OHMYGAWD!' Face it Xander, you know you love TOP-Dragon too. :D
Eli corrects Kevin... "I'm sorry and I apologize are the same thing." LMFAO.

Their Pops in Seoul cut. I especially loved it because they're talking about Big Bang.
"We admire you~"

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