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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Waenji fun, hago fun, hanmal fun, haji ai, ai!


As you can see, I've started liking Justin Bieber. :D He's adorable.
And yes, I like guys with huge pecs specs.

I'm so kind too!
I'll post some of his songs here so you can listen to them and read my blog in comfort. :D
This is gonna be a long post, so sit tight!

Wahseh, he look like he got eyelid surgery here. :X
And hello~ I'm still lonely here.

I can imagine how awkward the mv shooting must have been for them 2.

Okay I think that's enough. ^^;;
I'd better update you guys. Ya'll probably thought I was dead right?
I was in camp on the 4th-7th May...
And I realised that for the whole of April, I had 0 posts. o.o

Let me tell you abit about my camp...
Okay it was terrible.
Hygiene was horrid, they made us do crazy stuff and gave us SO LITTLE FOOD!
And thanks to them, I haven't been catching up with K-pop news! D:
But I guess at the end of the day, it's all good~
Plus I kinda miss camp. Hahahaaaa~

First up, WONDER GIRLS' COMEBACK! Can't wait. <3
My Sunye is so pretty. <3 <3

And something new for the V.I.Ps!

Big Bang's partnership with Hyundai for the The Shouts of Reds (Shouting Korea) campaign.
My TOP got tanned. D:

Something interesting for you guys~
Victoria is SO PRETTY. NEOMU YEPPEO! And cute. :D
She is so flexible!
I also can't help but notice that Amber is wearing...a guy's uniform..

Speaking of f(x), NU ABO! :D

In pure HD so you can see my pretty Sulli's face.

Did anyone notice I changed my blogskin....? .__.

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Neon jaemieobseo, manner eobseo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Your body's shaking, turn me on so I can turn off the lights.



Run Devil Run

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's revolting, this other girl's perfume. Tell me who's is it.

It's out, girls!!! (Or guys, lol.) THEY'RE ALL SO HOT! EVEN HYOYEON~!!
And I took like a billion screen shots of Taeyeon & Tiffany lol. XD They're my favs. <333
I was attracted to them ever since I first saw 'Kissing You' *w* And Tiffany killed me in Genie lol. I'm a girl btw.

Anyway, I've got one for you Yuri/Yoona and Sica fans too. :D









One for the Sica fans cos I adore her dual-coloured hair ^^


Yoona with her new bangs <333


And a very, very hot Yuri.
Taeyeon spam coming up~~









Okieeee~ Imo, the lyrics are totally kickass. And I think SNSD nailed it!! :D
Or maybe I'm just a biased fangirl...
BUT HEY, I'll do the same thing when SHINee makes their comeback too... And there're only 5 members! So much lesser screenshots to take!!
LOL XD Annyeong~

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Love, yes Jojo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mwol jalmotaenni I, I was blind.


Alright, before I start fangirling about my awesome SHINee, I just want to wish Eli a happy happy belated birthday!
I know, his birthday was like 2 days ago, but I forgot to update T.T
Besides, I was out the whole day because of the Singapore Entertainment Awards! :D

SHINee was so amazing. I'll upload the pictures and videos another day! :D
Key bb was so hot, and so was Bling. But Bling's face very black. :(
Taetae was so cute bouncing around in his mushroom cut and I think glittery tights suit him.
Dubu was smiling away! <3 ME LIKE! And Minho... Okay la. Hot la hot la.

Eyecandy for your swollen eyes. I have a swollen eye :(

And now that I think of it... I hope they weren't lipsynching..

The audio is muffled at some points, I dunno why.
But trust me, you'd be thankful it's muffled unless you want to hear the piercing screams x.x
Fancams aren't mine!

I'm so happy I got to hear Key bb rap live XD ILU BB!
God bless the tired babies! Come back soon babieeeessss~!!


Now that that's done, T-ara's I'm Really Hurt mvs are also released! :D
There're 3 parts, but I don't see why they can't just make one -.-

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Mah mah mah boy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Draw out your ideal girl in your heart and look at me.



Bb turns 21 today!!! HAPPY SOOHYUN DAY EVERYONE!
If you're wondering why I'm calling him bb, it's cos I promised myself that I'll call him baby for the whole day on his birthday~
Well, he's the only U-Kiss guy I can fully have (I have Dongho now too), but I never really paid much attention to him... Cos my bias is Kevin.
BUT FOR TODAY, I WILL! I'm spamming Soohyun! WAHAHAHAAAA~!!




Yaaaaaay Ilu bb tat I seldom think about~
Oh, And happy Shauna day too! :D I hope she likes my card.. D:

Btw, 2NE1's Try To Copy Me mv is out! :D

CL is just plain weird...
Bom's hair is sooooo cool!!! XDD I'd do mine like that, if it were long enough...
And Dara's hair is.... lulz .__. BUT @1:48 was so cute~ XD


Oh, F.Cuz's new 'No one' mv is released too!! XD
YEJUN LOOKS SUPER HOT!!! The rest look.... average..

Hehehe 8D Song wise, I don't really like it..
Jiggy had a catchier hook, but they look so much hotter here! XD

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Neomu a-a-a-apa

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I love you too much to remember my breaking heart.

Hey guys! :D Miss me??
I know I know, I've been lazy. But I've been quite active on Twitter & Facebook. :)
You should add me there~
Quick update today! Because it's 2am here, I'm bored and I have to get ready in 7hrs. Wheeee.

This is why Mir likes Nana. <3

And this is why I like Jooyeon. <333 And Raina. <33

Oh btw. Have you guys seen KARA's Music Core perf this week?
My poor Seunyeonie had to take a hard fall. T.T Ouch...
Speaking of Lupin.. How do you guys find it? :P

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Noona neomu yeppeo

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Did you regret. Ever holding my hand?

Before I say anything,

Yea, so anyway. Today was Music Core's 200th anniversary, so they had a few special stages. Including a 2PM vs. SHINee Dance Battle, which I will definitely upload later! :D
@1:36, B2ST's Bad Girl MV had a similar move. I've been wondering why it looks so familiar..
Obviously, SHINee had the choreography first.
And how long has it been since they last performed Replay?? o__o

I can't wait to see them SHINee babies again~
Did I mention I miss Key bb's old hair? T.T

U-Kiss on yesterday's Music Bank.
They seem to keep wearing the same clothes for Bingeul Bingeul perfs. o__o I wanna see something new, guys!
OHOH. Don't forget to catch Kevin's wink. ;D
I took a few screenshots of it. Maybe I'll compile it all together later. LOL!


I got a screenshot of #princeYoogeun at it's highest. ^^
Number 6!! Not bad for a kid. Not sure if it went any higher tho.. If it did, I hope someone got a screenshot of it. <3


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